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Archdiocese of Seattle Must Pay $12.1 million to Settle Sex Abuse Claims

The Archdiocese of Seattle will pay $12.1 million to settle 30 sexual abuses claims.

Canada Schools Propose Xe, Xem, and Xyr in Place of Gender Specific Pronouns

Several schools in Vancouver have proposed that gender neutral pronouns should take the places of personal pronouns such as “he,” “she,” “his” and “hers.”

Gay Anglican Priest Loses License for Marrying Partner

Gay priest Canon Jeremy Pemberton has lost his license to preach as a member of the Anglican clergy for marrying his partner.

Methodist Pastor Reinstated after Ousted for Officiating Gay Son's Wedding

The Pennsylvania pastor who was defrocked for officiating his gay son’s wedding has now been reinstated as a Methodist Church clergyman.

Nigerian College Bombing Kills Eight, Boko Haram Likely Responsible

Boko Haram militants are likely responsible for a bombing of the School of Hygiene in Kano, Nigeria. The attack killed at least eight people; about 12 more sustained injuries.

Meriam Ibrahim Prevented from Leaving Country Under Fraud Accusation

Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim was reportedly accused of fraud as she tried to leave the country with family.

Researcher Says Divorce Rate Among Christians Lower Than Previously Thought

Researcher Shaunti Feldhahn discovered the divorce rate of Christians who attend church regularly is lower than the secular world. It’s “maybe 15 percent, maybe 20 percent for all marriages,” said Feldhahn.

What Seattle Pacific University Students Taught Me

Earlier this month, a young male started shooting a gun at Seattle Pacific University, a Christian school. Before he stopped to reload his weapon, he had killed one and injured three others. A 22-year old student, Jon Meis, put himself in harm’s way to stop the gunman from inflicting further harm.

Presbyterians Narrowly Vote to Divest from Three Companies Involved in Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

The Presbyterian Church (USA) voted Friday (June 20) to divest church funds from three American companies it cited for profiting from the oppression of Palestinians within Israel’s occupied territories.

Awaiting Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Ruling, Public Favors Contraception Mandate

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to finally issue its ruling this week in the highly anticipated case of the craft companies vs. Obamacare.

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Bill Maher: Obama's an Atheist

Enough religious posturing, says one of TV’s more cynical gadflies, Bill Maher – let’s just accept that President Barack Obama doesn't believe in any God.

Watchdog Group Calls Internal Gothard Investigation a "Severe Disappointment"

Recovering Grace, the group that brought the allegations against Bill Gothard to light, expressed concern with the internal investigation's findings that minimized the "exploitation of innocent young women."

'Preachers of LA' Returns for Season 2 Amongst Controversy

Controversial show “Preachers of L.A.” will soon return for its second season, though many Christians are concerned that the reality TV program is making a mockery of religion.

Study: Helicopter Parenting Stunts Child Development

A new study found that children who spend more time in less structured activities are better able to set their own goals and take actions to meet those goals without prodding from adults.

Syrian Children Used as Suicide Bombers

Humanitarian group Human Rights Watch (HRW) has reported that Syrian children are being used by the military in horrifying ways.

Atheists Argue Ground Zero Cross is Offensive

An Atheist group has challenged the existence of the “Ground Zero cross” at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

ISIS Forces Tax on Mosul Christians

ISIS is demanding Christians in Mosul to pay a poll tax. The tax of $250 does not apply to Muslim citizens.

Nigeria: Boko Haram Kidnaps 60 Women and Girls, 31 Boys

Boko Haram is behind another abduction in Northeast Nigeria. The militant group kidnapped 60 women and girls, and 31 boys from villages in the area.

Meriam Ibrahim Re-Arrested at Sudan Airport

One day after Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim was released from prison, she has been re-arrested by authorities.

What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality and Eating Shrimp?

Same-sex marriage is in the news. That’s partly the result of various national-level religious liberty debates stemming from Christian photographers, florists and bakers conscientiously declining to participate in homosexual marriage ceremonies – and the lawsuits that they’ve had to face.

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