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‘Obama’s America’ Producer Pleads Guilty to Campaign Finance Violations

Tuesday morning conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations. His trial was scheduled to begin today.

Overweight Teens More Likely to be Rejected as Friends

Overweight young people are more likely to be rejected as friends by peers who are of normal weight, according to new research.

"Christ the Lord" to Join Hollywood's 'Year of the Bible'

Ocean Blue Entertainment will begin production of another Christian movie this September. Christ the Lord is based off of a novel by Anne Rice.

Megachurch Pastors Leave Reformed Evangelical Network Amid Child Abuse Scandal

Two pastors have left a Reformed evangelical group after a pastor from the Maryland megachurch they oversaw confessed to covering up sex abuse claims.

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey |
  • May 20, 2014 |
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Bomb Blast Kills Four in Nigeria

A suicide bomb blast on Sunday killed four people in the Christian-dominated Sabon Gari district of Kano, Nigeria. Police suspect Boko Haram in behind the attack.

Mississippi Pastor Jailed for Pro-Life Sign Filing Lawsuit

A pastor in Columbus, Mississippi was arrested and and put in jail for displaying a pro-life sign outside of an abortion clinic last year reports. The pastor is now filing a lawsuit against the city and police captain.

Florida Elementary School Decides Bible Acceptable for Free Reading

The recent case involving a Florida elementary school boy told to put his Bible away during independent reading time is coming to a close; the school has agreed that the Bible is an acceptable book for free reading time.

Joan of Arc… Noah’s Wife?

If your family is in a Bible-reading slump, perhaps what you need is a fun way to inject some energy back into the discipline.

Oregon Judge Rules Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

U.S. District Judge Michael McShane has declared Oregon's gay marriage ban unconstitutional, ruling that gay couples were unfairly discriminated against.

The Problem with the Room

Picture this: You are talking with someone about a problem. A ministry that isn’t growing, a child that isn’t behaving, a wife that isn’t feeling cherished, a pattern where they keep getting fired…and the problem is never in the room.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • May 19, 2014 |
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Wildfire Evacuation Orders Lifted, California Governor Preparing for Worst

The governor of California warned Sunday that the state was preparing for what could be one of the worst wildfire seasons.

Syrian Civil War Casualties Tops 160,000

As Syria’s civil war continues, the death toll has reached more than 160,000, including 8,600 children, and left millions homeless.

Talks with Iran, Super Powers Stall

Iran and six nations met in Vienna with hopes of coming to an agreement concerning Tehran’s nuclear program. According to Reuters the super powers made little progress as the July 20 deadline looms.

American Teens Don't Want to Work

The decline in teen summer jobs cannot all be blamed on the economy.

Controversial Holocaust Jesus Video Removed

The Australian branch of Jews for Jesus recently removed a video featuring Jesus being sent to the gas chamber of a Nazi concentration camp from their homepage; the video had sparked outrage from viewers.

Burst Water Pipe Reveals Century-Old Murals in Jerusalem Hospital

Nuns at the Saint-Louis Hospice in Jerusalem recently discovered forgotten murals that had been painted in the hospital over one hundred years ago.

Boko Haram May Release Kidnapped Girls with New Agreement

The Nigerian government has been in negotiations with militant group Boko Haram in pursuit of releasing over 200 kidnapped girls from captivity.

Putin Orders Troops from Ukraine Border, No Signs of Retreat Yet

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered troops away from the Ukrainian border for the second time in two weeks. There is currently no sign of retreat from the 40,000 Russian troops that are patrolling the border.

Colorado Springs: The Best City for Love?

In a light-hearted article, the Wall St. Journal recently declared Colorado Springs, Colo., where Focus is headquartered, the top place in the U.S. to find love. Seriously. Here at Focus, we think that’s great. In fact, we’re even holding a gathering event that might help cement that title: this Aug. 7-9 Focus on the Family’s Boundless ministry is hosting Pursuit 2014, a special weekend for single 18-39 year olds.

Given 72 Hours to Renounce Jesus, Sudanese Mom Refuses, Is Sentenced to Flogging, then Death

Refusing an Islamic judge’s offer of clemency if she would publicly deny her faith Jesus Christ, a pregnant Sudanese mother of a toddler has been sentenced to death.

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