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What's Hot? 06/06/14

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Students Subdue Gunman in Seattle Pacific University Shooting

A gunman entered a building at Seattle Pacific University Thursday afternoon, firing at students. One 19-year-old male was shot and killed in the attack; two more students were injured.

The Ultimatum that Saved a Marriage

Where can someone go when their marriage is dead and it’s seems like they’ve exhausted all options? If you’re in that place of martial devastation, I can assure you – there is hope.

Historic Famine Looms in Beleaguered South Sudan

A famine worse than anything in recent history looms in war-torn South Sudan – the predominantly Christian, oil-rich African nation that fought for decades to gain independence from Muslim-dominated Sudan.

Sudanese Christians Afraid to Pray

While many around the world are praying for Meriam Ibrahim, a Christian mother who faces a death sentence for denying the Muslim faith, CNN reports that Sudanese Christians “don’t feel safe in prayer.”

Americans Show Lowest Support for Death Penalty in 15 Years

New statistics suggest that American support of capital punishment is at a 15-year low. According to the poll, 42 percent of Americans support the death penalty, while 52 percent favored life in prison without parole.

Palestinian Government Urges US to Pressure Israel

The Palestinian government has asked the United States to intervene with Israel, after Israel announced plans for 1,500 new building offers in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem communities.

President Assad to Keep Syrian Presidency in Landslide Victory

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will maintain his position as president, according to the results of a landslide vote.

Hundreds of Homes Destroyed in Nigeria as Boko Haram Continues Violence

Boko Haram militants continue to violently attack villagers on the northeastern side of Borno state. In the most recent attacks, hundreds of homes were destroyed and many civilian lives were lost.

Southern Baptist Church Will Not Terminate Pro-Gay Pastor

A Southern Baptist church in California decided not to terminate its pastor, despite his pro-gay views.

The Second-Largest Religion in Each State

The Washington Post has released a batch of statistical data looking at the major religions in the United States at the regional at county level.

Blistering Sunburns in Adolescence Increases Risk For Melanoma

The risk for developing melanoma in adulthood was increased by 80% among those who suffered at least five blistering sunburns during adolescence.

Staying Creative

One of the challenges in any sphere of life, particularly ministry, is staying creative. And it’s an important challenge.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • June 05, 2014 |
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Focus Joins with National Institute of Marriage to Help Couples in Crisis

We’ve all seen a marriage in crisis. We all know people who have struggled (or are struggling) within their marital relationship. Maybe that someone is you. Or perhaps it’s someone you love, like a son or daughter or your best friend from high school.

Missionaries Spark Salvation Conversations as Guinea Ebola Outbreak Kills 100

An ebola outbreak in Guinea has led to more than 100 deaths, according to reports. Despite the outbreak, missionaries in the area are seeing more conversations about salvation.

Christianity Continues to Grow in China in Spite of Persecution

Leaders maintain that Christianity in the People’s Republic of China is growing rapidly in spite of continued persecution by the nations Communist government.

Abortion Activist Hangs "Aborted Baby Jesus" Dolls in New York Hobby Lobby

A Hobby Lobby store in Poughkeepsie, New York was recently the target of an act of pro-abortion vandalism.

Casting Crowns Win Artist of the Year at K-LOVE Fan Awards

The second annual K-LOVE Fan Awards were held on Sunday, June 1; Christian group Casting Crowns came out of the night as the big winners with the title “Artist of the Year.”

1,800 Troops Assigned to Afghan Counterterror Operations

At the end of the year, the United States will be leaving 9,800 troops in Afghanistan; 1,800 of those will be designated for counterterror operations.

Navy Denies Humanist Chaplain Request

The military recently approved “humanist” as a religious preference, but a humanist chaplain’s application for the Navy was denied.

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