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Controversial Holocaust Jesus Video Removed

The Australian branch of Jews for Jesus recently removed a video featuring Jesus being sent to the gas chamber of a Nazi concentration camp from their homepage; the video had sparked outrage from viewers.

Burst Water Pipe Reveals Century-Old Murals in Jerusalem Hospital

Nuns at the Saint-Louis Hospice in Jerusalem recently discovered forgotten murals that had been painted in the hospital over one hundred years ago.

Boko Haram May Release Kidnapped Girls with New Agreement

The Nigerian government has been in negotiations with militant group Boko Haram in pursuit of releasing over 200 kidnapped girls from captivity.

Putin Orders Troops from Ukraine Border, No Signs of Retreat Yet

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered troops away from the Ukrainian border for the second time in two weeks. There is currently no sign of retreat from the 40,000 Russian troops that are patrolling the border.

Colorado Springs: The Best City for Love?

In a light-hearted article, the Wall St. Journal recently declared Colorado Springs, Colo., where Focus is headquartered, the top place in the U.S. to find love. Seriously. Here at Focus, we think that’s great. In fact, we’re even holding a gathering event that might help cement that title: this Aug. 7-9 Focus on the Family’s Boundless ministry is hosting Pursuit 2014, a special weekend for single 18-39 year olds.

Given 72 Hours to Renounce Jesus, Sudanese Mom Refuses, Is Sentenced to Flogging, then Death

Refusing an Islamic judge’s offer of clemency if she would publicly deny her faith Jesus Christ, a pregnant Sudanese mother of a toddler has been sentenced to death.

Sudanese Christian Woman Sentenced to Death for Marrying Christian Man

Sudanese Christian woman Meriam Ibrahim has been sentenced to death for her “adulterous” marriage to a Christian man.

China: Baby Trafficking Ring Leader Sentenced to Death

The leader of a Chinese trafficking ring was sentenced to death Friday, according to Chinese reports.

Pope Francis Stresses the Importance of Christian History in Mass Sermon

Pope Francis delivered a mass sermon in Casa Santa Marta where he stressed the significance of Christian history.

Judge Rules 13-Year-Old Can Decide to Terminate Pregnancy

A British high court judge ruled that a 13-year-old girl was mentally capable of deciding to abort her baby.

Bangladesh Ferry Accident Kills 28, 100 Missing Likely Dead

A ferry carrying 200 people capsized in Bangladesh when a storm hit the Meghna river. Twenty-eight people are known to be dead in the accident; about 100 more are missing and likely drowned.

What's Hot? 05/16/14

A weekly listing of hot cultural items from the Internet, music, television and movies.

A Tale of Two Countries

Two stories struck me yesterday. In one way, they’re unrelated and yet at the same time, very much connected.

Pat Robertson Needs to Quit Mocking Fellow Christians, Says Creationist Leader

The founder of TV’s 700 Club hurts the cause of Christ when he mocks Christians who take the Bible literally, says creationist Ken Ham.

Simple Test Helps Identify Depression in Teenagers

A quick and simple test might help health care practitioners identify depressed teens, a new study reveals.

Ohio Measles Outbreak Tied to Amish Missionaries

A measles outbreak tied to a group of Amish missionaries in Ohio has reached 68 cases, giving the state the dubious distinction of having the most cases reported in any state since 1996, health officials say.

American Christians Should Prepare to Be Despised, Official Tells National Prayer Breakfast

"It's no longer easy to be a faithful Christian” in America, says the chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

Aussie Principals Have Option to Cut Religion Classes

There may be fewer religion classes in Australian schools now that public school principals in the nation have been given the authority to reject such courses.

Pastor Accused of Sexual Abuse Commits Suicide before Trial

Scott Sechrist, former pastor of First Baptist Church in Morrisville, PA killed himself on Monday, one week before facing a trial for sexual assault.

Pastor Team Must Repay $1.2M Taken from Church Charity Funds

Pastor team Rev. Carl Keyes and Rev. Donna Keyes were found taking $1.2 million from church charities as personal loans in an Associated Press investigation; they have now agreed to repay the money.

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