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Asia Bibi's Appeal Trial Set for Fourth Time

Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian sentenced to death for allegedly speaking against the prophet Muhammad, has been given a fourth date to appear in court appealing her charges.

Death Penalty

I’ve never taught about capital punishment. I’ve never written about capital punishment. But this issue has been in the news as of late which prompted me to write this blog.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • May 05, 2014 |
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WATCH: Two Powerful Minutes of Must-See Video

Tomorrow Focus on the Family’s first movie, “Irreplaceable,” will debut in more than 700 cinemas across the country. Seats are filling up fast (with some theaters already sold out) – despite attempts to censor our documentary.

The Evolution of Anti-Trafficking Campaigns in the Church

Exploitation of humans has existed since biblical times. The Bible is filled with stories of individuals taking control of others. Rooted in that idea of control is human trafficking.

School Districts Alter Pledge of Allegiance

A high school in Wisconsin is under fire for removing “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.

James Dobson Will Not Yield to Abortion Pill Mandate

Dr. James Dobson said Thursday that he would not “yield to (Obama’s) wicked regulations” regarding the Obamacare abortion pill mandate.

Extremists Crucify Syrians as Method of Execution

Extremists in Syria executed seven men by means of crucifixion this week. Followers of Jihadism killed the men while holding the town of Raqqa.

South Sudan President Agrees to Peace Talks

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has agreed to meet with rival former vice president Riek Machar in an effort to cease violence that has continued for six months.

What's Hot? 05/02/14

A weekly listing of hot cultural items from the Internet, music, television and movies.

11 Ethiopian University Students Killed in Protests

Eleven known university students were killed in Ethiopian protests with police. The protests began on April 28 and continue to occur on at least least four college campuses.

Abortion: Empowerment or a Consolation Prize?

Since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion in all 50 states in 1973, about 51 million babies have been lost to abortion. It’s a staggering number that also represents millions of women chose to ended their pregnancies.

Doctor Euthanizes Belgian Woman without First Treating Depression

Belgian doctor Wim Distelmans is under fire for allegedly euthanizing a woman without first treating her depression.

Respected Pastor Steps Down at Mars Hill

A well-respected pastor on the staff of the Seattle-based church Mars Hill Church has resigned his leadership position.

Families of Flight 370 Passengers Told to Go Home, Malaysia Airlines Will Soon Make Payments

Malaysia Airlines officials have announced that “family assistance centers,” the hotels where families of Flight 370 passengers have been staying, will be closed effective May 7.

Kenya Polygamy Law Bad for Families, Christian Leaders Say

Christian clergy fear that a news marriage law signed by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday will tear families apart and weaken the church and the nation.

Kids Experiencing Less Violence

Fewer American children have been exposed to violent acts such as assault, bullying, sexual victimization and emotional abuse since 2003, a new study finds.

Bullying Rates in Schools Drop Among American Teens

American teens are much less likely to engage in bullying than they were a decade ago, new research suggests.

New Research Indicates Islam Growing Faster Than Christianity

New research claims that the global numbers of Christians has remained stagnant, while Islam has skyrocketed as a worldwide religion.

US Urges African Peacekeeping Forces to South Sudan

The U.S. is urging African countries to send troops to South Sudan to keep the peace between ethnic groups. Violence in the nation has been raging for six months.

Court Rules in Favor of Evangelist Charged with Trespassing on Public Sidewalk

A district court in Maryland has ruled in favor of an evangelist who was charged with criminal trespass on a public sidewalk.

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