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How to Love Singles this Valentine’s Day

All married people were once single – but it’s surprising how quickly we forget what it was like to navigate everyday life as a single person.

'Christ-Centered' Girls Group Offers Pro-Life Merit Badge

The American Heritage Girls is now offering girls a “Respect Life” merit badge. The badge honors girls who are involved in pro-life activities

  • Amanda Casanova |
  • February 12, 2014 |
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Violent Video Games Can Stunt Moral Judgment

Spending too much time playing violent video games can delay a teen gamer's ability to tell the difference between right and wrong, a new Canadian study says.

Syria’s Peace Talks Falter

Despite a face-to-face meeting between the warring parties in Geneva, Syrian peace talks have been slow and largely ineffective.

Brand-New Christian Women's Conference Draws Tens of Thousands

Jenni Allen, author and Bible teacher in Austen Texas, recently held an interdenominational women’s conference that was attended by 1,200 women in Austin, TX.

On Anniversary of Resignation, Benedict XVI Has No Regrets

Pope Benedict XVI, now retired and living in seclusion inside the Vatican, is at peace in his new role and believes history will vindicate his difficult eight-year papacy, his closest aide said in a rare interview.

United Methodists Postpone Thomas Ogletree’s Church Trial

The trial of a retired United Methodist pastor and former Yale Divinity School dean accused of breaking church law by performing a gay wedding has been delayed indefinitely.

How This Dad Made Sure His 12 Kids Paid for College Themselves

Francis L. Thompson and his wife managed to raise 12 children who not only all have college degrees, but who paid for their education themselves. Most importantly, their children, ages 22 to 37, all share their parents’ values: self-respect, gratitude and a desire to give back to society.

Teens Feeling Stressed, Many Not Managing It Well

Teens across the USA are feeling high levels of stress that they say negatively affect every aspect of their lives, a new national survey suggests.

North Korea Again Rescinds Invitation to U.S. Ambassador Seeking Release of Missionary

The U.S. State Department announced its disappointment after North Korean officials rescinded for a second time an invitation to discuss the release of American Missionary Kenneth Bae.

Russians Return to Religion, But Not Church

A new study by PewReserch shows that the number of Russians who identify themselves as “religious” has increased in the past several years.

Justice Department to Expand Rights for Married Gay Couples

The Justice Department announced a number of changes this weekend that will give same-sex marriages in the country some benefits of equal protection.

  • Amanda Casanova |
  • February 11, 2014 |
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This Olympian’s Inspiration is His Brother with Cerebral Palsy

Get the tissues out, because this story will tug at your heartstrings. Canadian freestyle skier Alex Bilodeau won gold at the Sochi Winter Olympics yesterday, the second of his career. And right there cheering him on was his older brother, Frederic. After the big win Monday, the brothers hugged, with Alex lifting Frederic over the fence so they could celebrate together.

Survey Finds British Children and Adults are Biblically Illiterate

Three out of 10 British children have next to no understanding of the Bible and their parents aren’t that knowledgeable, either.

Bob Jones University Fires Firm Hired to Investigate Sex Abuse

Bob Jones University has fired an independent firm hired to investigate sex abuse reports just one month before the group planned to release its 13-month review findings.

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey |
  • February 10, 2014 |
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Teens' Relationship With Parents Impacts Future Romantic Relationships

The type of relationship a teen shares with his or her parents directly impacts how successful his future romantic relationships will be, a new study finds.

Kenneth Bae Worried About Health in North Korean Camp

Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American who has been held in North Korea since November 2012, says he is worried about his health after authorities moved him back to a labor camp following a stay in a hospital.

Federal Agents Conduct Raid on ‘Machine Gun Preacher,’ ‘Totally Destroyed’ Charity’s Shipment

On Friday, February 7th federal agents reportedly raided the home and business of pastor and crusader Sam Childers.

100 Books to Read in a Lifetime, Plus One

Amazon's list spans the past 200 years or so, and has something of a tilt toward the new and trendy. But some things about this list raised questions.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • February 10, 2014 |
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VIDEO: Brother and Sister’s Amazing Bond Captures the Heart of Family

You may have already “met” Trenton Cochran and his sister Lindsay via an interview that’s gone viral.

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