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Chinese Communist Officials Deny "Demolition Campaign" of Christian Churches

Last week, crowds of Christians formed a human shield to protect the Sanjiang church from threatened demolition, but Communist authorities in China say that they are not campaigning to destroy churches.

Harvard Professor Claims “The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” Papyrus Fragment Authentic

Karen King maintains her research wasn’t focused on proving Jesus was married, but to confirm his view of women.

What's Hot? 04/11/14

A weekly listing of hot cultural items from the Internet, music, television and movies.

Is the Internet Bad for Religion?

Is surfing the web causing people to drop out of church? Kimberly Winston of Religion News Network compared a few opinions on the subject.

"Duck Dynasty's" Miss Kay Considered Suicide after Infidelity Accusation

“Duck Dynasty” matriarch Miss Kay says she considered suicide after her husband Phil Robertson accused her of infidelity, Kay writes in her new book, “The Women of Duck Commander.”

30 Dead in Central African Republic

Violence between Christians and Muslims has claimed the lives of at least 30 people in the Central African Republic, CBN News Reports.

Pope Francis Denounces Human Trafficking as "Crime against Humanity"

Four women who were forced into sex slavery and later freed met with the pope at the Vatican on Thursday at an international conference on human trafficking.

Who’s the Better Christian?

Let’s try to guess which of these two men is doing more to expand the Kingdom of God.

Naghmed Abedini Campaigns for Husband's Prison Release with Faith at Core

Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of the imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedini has remained strong in her faith, despite setbacks in the case.

Islamic Cleric Suggests Physical Education Classes Leads 'Infidelity and Prostitution'

Girls in Saudi Arabian schools do not currently have access to physical education classes, but the possibility of adding sports instruction to the curriculum is under discussion.

New Study Claims Churchgoers Have Better Love Lives

A new study reveals regular churchgoers have a better love life than non-church attenders.

New Survey Says 25 Percent of Kids Have Viewed Porn by 12

In a recent study, researchers found that 25 percents of children under the age of 12 have viewed internet pornography.

Booze Brands in Pop Lyrics May Spur Teen Drinking

A new study has found that young people who listen to music that mentions specific alcohol brands are more likely to drink and abuse alcohol.

Transgender Student Denied On-Campus Male Housing at Christian University

A transgender college sophomore has filed a complaint against a Christian university in Oregon after school officials said he couldn’t live with other men on campus during the forthcoming school year.

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  • April 10, 2014 |
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Focus on the Family's "Irreplaceable" Film Facing Censorship, Resistance

Focus on the Family’s one-day movie event “Irreplaceable” has gained wide public attention recently, though most of the publicity seems to be negative.

Study: Seminary Graduates in Record Debt

According to recent research by the The Center for the Study of Theological Education at Auburn Seminary, seminary graduates face suffocating debt.

WATCH: Help Your Family Thrive for 3 Generations

Toss a pebble into a lake, and the resulting ripple impacts the entire body. In the same way, you have the ability to positively influence your family by taking small steps that create big impact.

Ohio Representative Moves to Impeach Judge for Pro-Gay Rulings

Representative John Becker of Ohio has called to impeach a federal judge due to his recent rulings involving gay marriage.

Ukrainians Turn to Prayer as Tension Rises

With tensions rising between Ukraine and Russia, citizens are turning to prayer for solace.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Orders End of High-Level Meetings with Palenstinians

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requested Wednesday his ministers to end high-level meetings with their Palestinian counterparts.

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