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Arizona Gov. Vetoes Controversial "Religious Beliefs" Bill

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a controversial bill Wednesday that would have allowed businesses to legally refuse service based on religious beliefs.

Marijuana Legalization May Lead to More Teen Users

A new study finds that about 10 percent of high school students who would otherwise be at a low risk for smoking pot say they would use marijuana if it was legal.

Bombs Explode in Zanzibar as Religious Tensions Flare

With the increasing attacks, church leaders say they believe the assailants want to frighten non-Muslims to leave.

  • Fredrick Nzwili |
  • February 27, 2014 |
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Benedict Rejects Resignation Rumors as “Simply Absurd”

As the anniversary of his surprising resignation approaches, Pope Benedict XVI has rejected as “simply absurd” the speculation that he was forced to step down, and he said he still wears the distinctive white papal cassock for “purely practical reasons.”

Americans Turn Sharply Favorable On Gay Issues

A new survey finds a significant shift toward tolerance of same-sex issues across every religious, political and age group and every region of the country.

  • Cathy Lynn Grossman |
  • February 27, 2014 |
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19 Religious Words Banned

According to the Brunei Times, Asian Shari'ah nation Brunei has banned non-Muslims from using 19 religious words associated with Islam.

Imprisoned Missionary in North Korea Confesses “Crime”

Kim Jong-uk, a Baptist missionary to North Korea, apologized to reporters at a government-sponsored news conference for his “anti-state crime.”

Talking to the "Nones"

There is little doubt that the religious story of our day is the rise of the “nones,” the religiously unaffiliated, in the United States.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • February 27, 2014 |
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“Son of God” Jesus Epic Opens Tomorrow

This past weekend at the National Religious Broadcasters event in Nashville, I had the pleasure of meeting with a wide array of Christian leaders, executives and creatives, all looking to help spread the Good News.

Frequent Cell Phone Use Linked to Troubles in College Students

A new study finds that college students with high frequency cell phone use tended to have lower GPA, higher anxiety, and lower satisfaction with life (happiness) relative to their peers who used the cell phone less often.

Seven Egyptians Killed in Libya

Seven Egyptians were shot in the head in Libya, a security official said.

  • Amanda Casanova |
  • February 26, 2014 |
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Pope Francis Blasts Arms Dealers, Decries Indifference to War

Pope Francis lashed out at public indifference to the many wars raging around the globe, with especially harsh words for arms makers who he said profit from the violence and suffering.

Russell Crowe really wants Pope Francis to see ‘Noah’

Actor Russell Crowe is using social media to try to cajole Pope Francis into seeing his latest film, the controversial “Noah,” which stars Crowe as the waterlogged biblical patriarch.

Bob Jones University Rehires Firm Hired to Investigate Sex Abuse

After firing an independent watchdog group to investigate allegations of sexual abuse on campus, Bob Jones University has rehired the same group, one month before the findings from a 13-month review were scheduled to be released.

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey |
  • February 26, 2014 |
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Bible Saves Bus Driver from Gunshots

In Psalm 119:25, the writer begs God to “preserve my life according to your Word.” And for an Ohio bus driver, this psalm just took on a whole new meaning after he was shot twice in the chest by three teenage attackers.

Ukraine Names Baptist Pastor as Acting President

On Sunday, February 23, Oleksandr Turchynov took office as the acting president of Ukraine, replacing the recently deposed President Yanukovych.

Loving the Prodigal Home

Chief Financial Officer. The job title alone can be a little intimidating. It might conjure images of a serious, somewhat gruff individual who’s more interested in numbers than people. I’m happy to say that Focus’ CFO, Dan Mellema, is nothing like the caricature would suggest.

Women Dominate Mobile Gaming (Really!)

New research conducted by mobile game recommendation engine PlayPhone finds that 68% of mobile gamers are women.

Kentucky Pastor Dies Handling Snakes; Son Continues to Handle

The son of a Kentucky pastor who died of a snake bite has announced that he will take over the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name church and continue to handle snakes.

  • Amanda Casanova |
  • February 25, 2014 |
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Stories of Faith and Hope Emerge in Protest-Torn Ukraine

After months of violent protests, Christians in Ukraine who are trying to make sense of the turmoil and while being a support for their fellow citizens.

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