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Libya’s Vote for Koranic Law Worries Coptic Christians

Last month, Libya’s national assembly voted in favor of making Koranic Law, or Shariah, the basis of all legislative decisions. The vote has left Coptic Christians fearful of increased oppression.

The Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Gay Marriage in Utah

In response to the record-shattering number of gay weddings, the state of Utah has filed an emergency appeal with the Supreme Court.

You Can’t “Unfriend” Family

It’s pretty easy to avoid dealing with conflict nowadays. Do your former college roommate’s views on parenting irritate you? Hide her posts from your Facebook news feed. Annoyed by the neighbor’s political signs on the front lawn? Sadly, it doesn’t take much effort to avoid interacting with neighbors these days.

New Study Links Beliefs to Personality

Believers in creationism are more likely to take in information through intuition, according to a new study.

Teen Drivers Start Cautiously, Grow Careless With Time

Teen drivers are very cautious behind the wheel when they first start driving, but as time passes they begin to engage in potentially risky behaviors such as talking on cellphones, eating and talking to other passengers.

Planned Parenthood Board Member Says Abortion is a 'Sacred Gift'

In recent opinion columns, Planned Parenthood board member Valerie Tarico wrote that abortion is a “sacred gift” and celebrated her belief that Christianity is “in decline."

The Millennial Mistake

Why are we focusing on Christian Millennials who leave the church in order to learn how to reach non-Christian Millennials who are not in the church?

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • January 06, 2014 |
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Adventures in Odyssey Fans Will Want to Read This

Do you know someone who’d jump at the chance at having access to Adventures in Odyssey’s entire library of 700-plus episodes? Are you one of the many college students and adults who secretly listen to AIO on your mp3 player? Are you a parent of little ones looking for fun ways to invest in their spiritual growth? If you can identify with any of the above questions, Focus’ new Odyssey Adventure Club is for you.

Iran Steps Up Its Campaign Against Christians

Iran, a country notorious for its persecution of religious minorities, has recently taken another step in its campaign against Christians.

Netanyahu Gloomy as Kerry Returns for Peace Talks

The battle over land still wages in Palestine and Israel, with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas each firmly set on advancing their own interests

  • Compiled & Edited by ReligionToday Editorial Staff |
  • January 03, 2014 |
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More U.S. Staff to Leave South Sudan as Violence Continues

Talks between South Sudan's government and rebels set to begin soon as U.S. draws more embassy staff out of the country.

What's Hot? 1/3/14

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

The App You Would Like Your Child to Have

On any given Sunday there’s a significant number of folks who pull out their cell phones when the pastor asks them to turn to the morning’s passage. They’re not being rude – they’re just accessing the Bible via their smartphones.

Doctors Spend Little Time Talking About Sex with Teen Patients

A new study published in JAMA Pediatrics has revealed that many doctors spend very little time discussing sex with their teenage patients – if they do at all.

Teen Eating Disorders May Impact Weight Later

Young teens who binge eat and those who are fearful of weight gain may be more likely to become overweight later in adolescence, according to a new study.

Majority of Porn in U.S. is Viewed on Smartphones

Porn aggregator PornHub finds that in 2013, 52% of its adult content was viewed through a smartphone, representing a 47% increase over 2012.

New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Church (2014)

What would a set of New Year’s resolutions look like for you and your church, your role as a leader, or simply as someone who wants to live a life of strategic Kingdom investment?

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • January 02, 2014 |
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Alabama, George W. Bush and a Note

Alabama faces off against Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl tonight, a marquee match-up, to be sure, but not quite what the defending national champion Crimson Tide squad anticipated back in early December when they lost a heartbreaker to rival Auburn.

All Things Are Made New

There’s something about a new year that provides a promise of hope and excitement at what will happen next.

Protecting Your Family from the Digital Invasion

I recently asked my blog readers if they could do without a handheld device like a smartphone or tablet for 24 hours. It’s a reasonable question to ask since mobile users check their smartphones an average of 150 times a day.

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