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One of the Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads of All Time?

Amid all the hoopla surrounding this Sunday’s Super Bowl, I can’t help but think back to the 2010 game. That’s the year Focus on the Family debuted its now-famous ad featuring Pam and Tim Tebow. It still gives me a chuckle to think how some groups branded our innocuous commercial “inappropriate,” “offensive” and “hate masquerading as love” – all without ever seeing it!

Higher Odds of Teen Obesity for Overweight Five-Year-Olds

Five-year-olds who carry around extra weight may face four times the risk of being obese at 14, compared to their normal-weight peers, a new study found.

Near St. Peter’s, An Ancient Burial Site Opens to the Public

In the first century B.C., a grassy hillside just north of what is now St. Peter’s Square was used as a burial place for local Romans.

Thousands of Syrians are Coming to Christ

According to the Christian Telegraph, thousands of Muslim Syrians are coming to Christ through the ministry and relief aid of Christian Aid Mission.

The “Largest Church in the World” Sits Mostly Empty

The world's largest church attracts few worshipers, leaving some commentators to wonder if the building is “colossal” waste of money in an impoverished nation.

Top Brass Say They’re Not Aware of Bias Against Military Chaplains

Lawmakers peppered Pentagon officials on Wednesday (Jan. 29) about claims that military chaplains have faced discrimination for their beliefs.

25 Myths

When you have pledged your life to Christ’s save-the-world work, it’s the myths about Christianity that can drive you crazy.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • January 30, 2014 |
  • comments
How Your Teen is Like Spanish-Speaking Buzz Lightyear

If you’re a parent, you’re probably familiar with the Toy Story movie franchise. The films highlight the secret lives of toys. Here’s a scene from Toy Story 3 featuring a Spanish-speaking Buzz Lightyear.

Study Finds 1 in 25 U.S. Teenagers Have Attempted Suicide

About one in 25 U.S. teens has attempted suicide, and one in eight has thought about it, according to a national study based on interviews with thousands of teenagers.

Supreme Court to Hear Religious Freedom Concerns on Hobby Lobby Case

The US Supreme Court will hear arguments this spring for three briefs filed by American civil activist groups.

Megachurch Pastor in Critical Condition Following Boating Accident

Bayless Conley, megachurch pastor and evangelist, suffered undisclosed injuries in a boating accident on Monday evening in Southern California.

Does the Size of Your Family Matter?

I’ve previously blogged about intentional childless, so today I want to address the logical “next step” to that topic: family size. If children are a blessing – which they are – can a couple have too many kids? Is there an ideal family size?

Actress Says Her ‘Epic’ New Movie About Jesus Christ ‘Will Touch the Lives of Millions’

After the successful miniseries The Bible aired last year, producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey are bringing the Jesus Christ narrative to the silver screen

Does Disney’s Frozen Have A Covert Christian Message?

In November of 2013, Disney once again won the hearts of audiences with its newest animated movie, Frozen.

Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan Pose Growing Threat to Christians

The threat to Christian minorities living in Pakistan continues to escalate, forcing many to find safe haven elsewhere.

Church of England's Bishops Defer Gay Marriage Decision

With little more than two months to go before Britain’s first same-sex marriage, the College of Bishops issued a statement saying that “no change” to the Church of England’s teaching on marriage is proposed or envisioned.

Did You Know About This Scandal at the Super Bowl?

Here in Colorado, we’re still basking in the glory of Jan. 19 AFC Championship game victory that bought our beloved Broncos a trip to this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Unfortunately, it won’t all be fun and games in New Jersey this weekend.

Twenty U.S. Kids Hospitalized Each Day for Gun Injuries

Gunshot wounds send about 20 children to the hospital every single day in the United States, a new study says.

Holocaust Remembered at Auschwitz in Poland

On Monday, the world remembered the millions of Jews who died during World War II at the hands of Nazis.

Church Attacked in Malaysia

Religious tensions are on the rise in Malaysia after a church was bombed early Monday morning.

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