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Homeschool Leader Bill Gothard Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Bill Gothard, the fundamentalist pastor and founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, as well as Advanced Training Institute, has been accused of sexually harassing women who worked for his organization.

In Pakistan, Valentines are Exchanged in Secret

According to Muqeet, Valentine’s Day has no relevance or place in a Pakistani society; it is only “vulgarity” and a challenge to the sacred system of family as conceived in Islam.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Virginia’s Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

A federal judge struck down Virginia’s ban on homosexual marriage late Thursday as being unconstitutional.

A Valentine’s Message: Be Joyful and Have Fun

A Christian woman a few years into her marriage once reflected back on the days leading up to her wedding: “As excited as we were to start our new life together, my husband and I were also a little fearful. We had heard from so many Christian couples, and in so many sermons, about how difficult and challenging marriage is. You can’t help but think, ‘Am I crazy to go through with this?’”

4 Pentecostal Churches Still Shuttered After Muslim Attacks

The Indonesian government responded to Muslim protests by closing four Pentecostal churches, reports Charisma News.

Alabama Bill Proposes Prayer in Schools

A Republican lawmaker has recently proposed a bill that would require Alabama schools to begin each day with prayer.

Teen Consumption of Energy Drinks Linked to Substance Use

Nearly one-third of US adolescents consume high-caffeine energy drinks or "shots," and these teens report higher rates of alcohol, cigarette, or drug use, reports a study in the January/February Journal of Addiction Medicine.

US Bloggers to Kick Off $150,000 Fundraiser on Valentine's Day to Demonstrate Love for South African Community

Blogger Lisa-Jo Baker is working with both U.S. and South African organizations to build a community center in Muabane for local women and children.

Belgium Senate to Vote on Child Euthanasia

A controversial measure allowing children the “right to die” is expected to pass the Belgium parliament on Thursday. If passed, the European nation would become the first in the world to allow terminally ill minors the option to end their lives.

From "A's" to "Affluenza"

Two stories caught my attention this past week. Both reflect our culture’s trend away from two very important words: “personal responsibility.”

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • February 13, 2014 |
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How to Love Singles this Valentine’s Day

All married people were once single – but it’s surprising how quickly we forget what it was like to navigate everyday life as a single person.

'Christ-Centered' Girls Group Offers Pro-Life Merit Badge

The American Heritage Girls is now offering girls a “Respect Life” merit badge. The badge honors girls who are involved in pro-life activities

  • Amanda Casanova |
  • February 12, 2014 |
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Violent Video Games Can Stunt Moral Judgment

Spending too much time playing violent video games can delay a teen gamer's ability to tell the difference between right and wrong, a new Canadian study says.

Syria’s Peace Talks Falter

Despite a face-to-face meeting between the warring parties in Geneva, Syrian peace talks have been slow and largely ineffective.

Brand-New Christian Women's Conference Draws Tens of Thousands

Jenni Allen, author and Bible teacher in Austen Texas, recently held an interdenominational women’s conference that was attended by 1,200 women in Austin, TX.

On Anniversary of Resignation, Benedict XVI Has No Regrets

Pope Benedict XVI, now retired and living in seclusion inside the Vatican, is at peace in his new role and believes history will vindicate his difficult eight-year papacy, his closest aide said in a rare interview.

United Methodists Postpone Thomas Ogletree’s Church Trial

The trial of a retired United Methodist pastor and former Yale Divinity School dean accused of breaking church law by performing a gay wedding has been delayed indefinitely.

How This Dad Made Sure His 12 Kids Paid for College Themselves

Francis L. Thompson and his wife managed to raise 12 children who not only all have college degrees, but who paid for their education themselves. Most importantly, their children, ages 22 to 37, all share their parents’ values: self-respect, gratitude and a desire to give back to society.

Teens Feeling Stressed, Many Not Managing It Well

Teens across the USA are feeling high levels of stress that they say negatively affect every aspect of their lives, a new national survey suggests.

North Korea Again Rescinds Invitation to U.S. Ambassador Seeking Release of Missionary

The U.S. State Department announced its disappointment after North Korean officials rescinded for a second time an invitation to discuss the release of American Missionary Kenneth Bae.

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