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Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan Pose Growing Threat to Christians

The threat to Christian minorities living in Pakistan continues to escalate, forcing many to find safe haven elsewhere.

Church of England's Bishops Defer Gay Marriage Decision

With little more than two months to go before Britain’s first same-sex marriage, the College of Bishops issued a statement saying that “no change” to the Church of England’s teaching on marriage is proposed or envisioned.

Did You Know About This Scandal at the Super Bowl?

Here in Colorado, we’re still basking in the glory of Jan. 19 AFC Championship game victory that bought our beloved Broncos a trip to this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Unfortunately, it won’t all be fun and games in New Jersey this weekend.

Twenty U.S. Kids Hospitalized Each Day for Gun Injuries

Gunshot wounds send about 20 children to the hospital every single day in the United States, a new study says.

Holocaust Remembered at Auschwitz in Poland

On Monday, the world remembered the millions of Jews who died during World War II at the hands of Nazis.

Church Attacked in Malaysia

Religious tensions are on the rise in Malaysia after a church was bombed early Monday morning.

60,000 Pro-Lifers Participate in West Coast Walk for Life

Some 60,000 people lined the streets of San Francisco Saturday for the West Coast Walk for Life—a pro-life event aimed to demonstration opposition to abortion.

Defining "Hate"

The definition of "hate" has some very strong language. However this wording is much strongter than the way it is often used in our modern world.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • January 27, 2014 |
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3 Lessons Christians Can Learn From the Grammys’ Wedding Ceremony

I’m the type who turns on the TV to watch a football game, not an awards show, but I did hear about the mass wedding at the Grammys last night.

At Sundance, Seminary Students Explore Meaning through Film

Every year participants of the Windrider Forum, a group of seminary students and faculty members, have descended on the Sundance Film Festival, prepared to engage with questions and conversation.

Winter Olympics an Opportunity to Share the Gospel

The Winter Olympic Games are starting on Feb. 7, 2014, in Sochi, Russia, and the International Mission Board is working to equip Christians to share the Gospel during this time.

What's Hot? 01/24/14

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

Central African Republic’s Top Clerics Call For Peacekeepers

The Central African Republic’s top Muslim and Christian clerics called Thursday for a United Nations peacekeeping force to end their country’s brutal conflict.

  • Elizabeth Bryant |
  • January 24, 2014 |
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Dinesh D’Souza Indicted For Violating Election Law

Conservative activist Dinesh D’Souza has been indicted by a federal grand jury for violating campaign finance laws in contributions to a Senate candidate.

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey |
  • January 24, 2014 |
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Internet Cracks Grandmother's 18-Year-Old Prayer Code in Minutes

As she was dying of a brain tumor in 1996, Dorothy Holm puzzled her grandchildren by writing out strings of seemingly random uppercase letters on index cards.

VIDEO: Pro-Life Movie “Gimme Shelter” Opens Today

I want to tell you about a new movie - and a modern-day hero. Kathy DiFiore is the head of a network of shelters for pregnant teens in New Jersey. Kathy has spent the past 35 years “in the trenches.” Her five shelters are run 100 percent on donations, and have saved more than 20,000 babies.

Early Puberty Linked to Higher Substance Use Throughout Adolescence

A new University of Texas at Austin study reveals that teens for whom puberty begins early and who have rapid pubertal development are at greater risk for experimenting with cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana.

Pope: Internet is a “Gift From God”

Pope Francis described the internet as a “gift from God, but warned that the obsessive desire to stay connected can actually isolate people from one another.

New Initiative Hopes Prayer for Elected Leaders will Revive America

Former Republican House majority leader Tom DeLay is helping to kick-start a new project for the National Prayer Center called The Josiah Project.

Switching Off Your Child

Rumor has it that parents can make rules. That they can make a difference. In fact, that’s their job. But that’s not the way we think.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • January 23, 2014 |
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