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How Shoeboxes Help Spread the Gospel

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is right around the corner. In an effort to combat the overly materialistic hue Christmas has taken on, some commentators will bemoan the tradition of gift-giving. I won’t be one of them.

Hurricane Sandy Victims Commemorate One-Year Anniversary

A year ago, Superstorm Sandy crashed the northeastern shores of the U.S. The storm made landfall Tuesday, Oct. 29, killing at least 181 people and causing property damages estimated at $65 billion.

Nigeria: Boko Haram Attacks Increase in the North

Heavily armed militants, suspected members of Boko Haram, attacked Damaturu, the capital of Nigeria's Yobe state, last Thursday.

Air Force Academy Drops 'So Help Me God' From Honor Oath

Air Force Academy cadets will no longer be required to include the words "so help me God" when taking their annual Honor Oath.

  • Kimberly Winston |
  • October 29, 2013 |
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Could You Do Without This for 24 Hours?

Have you ever noticed how culture glorifies multi-tasking and busyness? Lately, it seems we’re trying to accomplish more than ever in shorter and shorter periods of time. We buy faster and more efficient technology and install apps on our phones in the hopes of getting ahead.

Young Adults Who Abandon Faith May Have 'Lukewarm' Upbringing

The idea that young adults are abandoning their faith in droves may be widely accepted but isn't fully accurate.

38 Percent of Children Under the Age of 2 Use Mobile Media

Nearly two in five children have used a tablet or smartphone before they could speak in full sentences, according to a new report.

Eritrean Government Imprisons 150 Christians for Praying Together

Eritrean security forces raided a prayer meeting and arrested 150 Christians found praying together in Maitemenai, a suburb to the north of Asmara.

Bucket List

What would a bucket list entail for someone who is already a follower of Christ (becoming one would be, of course, the only bucket list item that would matter)?

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • October 28, 2013 |
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Almost a Year After Massacre, Newtown Begins Razing Sandy Hook School

Demolition of one section of Sandy Hook Elementary began on Thursday and continued on Friday.

Traumatized Survivors of Wedding Attack in Egypt Look to God

The attack has had a significant effect on Christians in the area, with many feeling like they are "under siege."

  • Morning Star News |
  • October 28, 2013 |
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D.C. Clergy Join Push to Change Redskins Name

The Oneida Indian Nation's campaign against the Washington pro football club's team name picked up new supporters this week when more than two dozen clergy in the Washington region committed to taking the fight to their pulpits.

Help “The Bible” Miniseries Win “People’s Choice Award”

Remember “The Bible” miniseries that was broadcast on The History Channel last spring? Well, it’s now up for a People’s Choice Award in the category of “Favorite TV Movie/Miniseries.”

Air Force Academy May Drop 'God' From Oath

The Air Force Academy is considering dropping the phrase "so help me God" from its honor oath after the Military Religious Freedom Foundation filed a complaint.

Historic New Jersey Church Struggles to Repair Hurricane Damage

As bulldozers and power saws repair the sunny boardwalks of Jersey's vacation spots, this small piece of Sandy storm damage remains unattended.

  • Kathleen O'Brien |
  • October 25, 2013 |
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What's Hot? 10/25/13

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

Pakistan: Police, Islamic Extremists Hunt for Christian Accused of 'Blasphemy'

Police and a banned Islamic extremist group in Lahore, Pakistan are searching for a young Christian accused of blasphemy – with the extremist group calling for his death – after he sought to correct misconceptions about Christianity in a Muslim book.

  • Morning Star News |
  • October 25, 2013 |
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Report: Church Giving Reaches Depression-Era Record Lows

Collection plates are growing even lighter as Protestant church member giving reached new lows in 2011, and tithing probably will not recover from the recession, according to a new report by Empty Tomb, a Christian research group.

  • Katherine Burgess |
  • October 25, 2013 |
  • comments
Jerry Jenkins’ Secret to Good Parenting

Chances are you’ve probably read a book by Christian author Jerry Jenkins. He’s written more than 180 books, 16 of which have landed on the New York Times bestseller list. His books include the Left Behind series, which has sold more than 63 million copies. His writing has appeared in Time, Reader’s Digest, Parade and Guideposts. In addition, Jenkins owns a filmmaking company, the Christian Writers Guild and he owns a publishing company.

Kenya: Murdered Pastor Was Still Holding Bible in His Hand

A pastor in Mombasa, Kenya, who was shot to death while praying at his church this weekend was still holding his Bible in his hand when church members found him.

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