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Day 20 - For Protection

You don't have to spend much time reading the newspaper or watching the news to know that evil is on the rise. Tragedies mark every headline. You can hardly get away from the barrage of bad news. I mean it really takes effort these days to find uplifting stories to garner some hope in humanity.

Blessed To Be A Blessing

Receive blessings not so they stop with you, but so that God can work through you to bless others.

Day 19 - For Knowledge of the Word

I'm afraid that a pall has fallen. A veil is covering the eyes, the ears and the hearts of many. It's a false sense that they are okay in their walk with God. They pray. They go to church. Perhaps they tithe. And serve in some capacity. They go about their routine and feel just fine about their faith.

Day 18 - A Prayer for the Broken

I know this one by heart. I've been here more times than I can count. And every single time it seemed that I would not recover. I felt like I would just bleed out from the pain. From the crushing.

Day 17 - The Weight of Covetousness

It is the tenth commandment given to Moses on Mount Sinai. "Thou shalt not covet …" (Exodus 20:17) Webster's dictionary defines coveting as desiring what belongs to another. This one is sneaky. Different than the other commandments because it is primarily concerned with motivation. Desires of the heart.

Day 16 - The Weight of Slander

Have you ever been talked about? And later found out about it? It's painful stuff. I've been the victim and I've also been the perpetrator. God's word is very clear about what He thinks about gossip and slander. He calls it sin. And tells us to put it away from us.

Day 15 - The Weight of Immorality

I taught Bible Study last night. We're studying Ephesians and how Paul wanted the church at Ephesus to know in the very fiber of their being who they were in Christ and what they had inherited from God because they were in Christ. As I stared at the white board with the list I had made of what I formerly was and who I am now in Christ, I was overcome with emotion.

Why I Put Pen To Paper

Engaging with Scripture

A Precious Possession

Sometimes what matters most is not the outcome of a thing, but how we worked at it

Day 14 - The Weight of Worry

Yesterday, we prayed about running the race of life in Christ with endurance and shaking off the things that hinder us, weigh us down and trip us up. Is there anything that trips you up? Do you have an achilles heel? Perhaps a bad temper. Maybe a shopping problem. How about gossip?

Me & the Military: How it Changed Me

Sometimes we ask for certainty, but God asks for our faith. To lead others to life-changing encounters with God, we must take life-changing risks ourselves.

Day 13 - To Run this Race

Our walk with Christ is like two parallel tracks. One track is what Christ has already done and continues to do. The other track is what is ours to do.

Day 12 - Worship

What, then is the Church in the world? It is God's institute of praise, God's institute of prayer, and God's institute of prophecy. The whole Church is first of all, an institute created to praise God

Day 11 - For Peace

I find it interesting that in John 16:32-33, Jesus is talking to the disciples about His impending crucifixion and in the next breath says that He is telling them these things "that they may have peace". Seems kind of odd don't you think?

Day 10 - For Truth

I remember reading for the first time about King Josiah, a righteous king who loved God. When he was just a boy he became king and he reigned for 31 years in Jerusalem. Josiah was intent on reform. He purged the city of pagan worship, tearing down temples, altars and carved images. Then, he set about rebuilding the house of the Lord "which the kings of Judah had let go to ruin" .

Dog Lessons: How to Love God

4 Lessons Your Pooch Knows and You Need to Know

Day 9-When Marriage is Hard

Sometimes marriage is hard. I mean, the odds of two people with years of baggage coming together to live in close proximity day in and day out and not having trouble, is slim to none.

Day 8 - For Our Children

Few things can make my knees hit the floor in prayer quicker than my children. Who among us is prepared for the crazy love we feel for the little critters?

Generous Wisdom

Laying all our weary questions at the Father's feet

Day 7- A Prayer for our Husbands

It's Day 7 in the 31 days of prayer. Join me as we pray for our husbands.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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