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Above All Else Day 10: Where Credit Is Due

All of creation cries out in worship

Day 9 Above All Else

Not One Excluded

Sparkle Again: When You Want To Find the Spark You Once Had

What do you do when you've lost your spark, but you long to shine? It's time to nurture and recapture your heart with rest.

Above All Else Day 8: He Loves Us Regardless

Learning to grasp that He is both just AND abounding in love

Above All Else: Weekend Declaration

A Walk Through Psalm 145

Day 5: How To Be Captivated

A Walk Through Psalm 145

Above All Else Day 4: Be That Generation

Worship Him in action and not just in theory

Above All Else Day 2: When Our Praise Never Ceases

Pouring out praise even when we just aren't feelin' it

Above All Else Day 1

21 Day Feast on the Fame of Jesus. A Walk Through Psalm 145

10 Commandments for Becoming You

Don't lose yourself while becoming yourself.

Offense in Ministry

Sometimes, we simply need to recognize offense for what it is, get over it, and get busy about our Father's business.

  • Jennifer Maggio |
  • September 02, 2014 |
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Ferguson in Our Own Backyard

Pray first, then BE THE CHURCH

What Does It Mean To Really Forgive?

Does a broken relationship mean our stories aren't beautiful anymore? What the world needs isn't a pain-free version of our stories. It longs to see beauty in the broken.

Single Parenting 101

Learning to parent well as a single parent.

To Robin Williams: What I Know Now {A Letter To My Younger Self}

Soul-loneliness is our modern sad epidemic. Because we're all soul-hungry, nothing is more soul-filling than to be known.

Lean On

From the depths of our being to the outward physical extremities, we were created to rely on and experience His greatness.

Prayer for a World on Fire

My heart is heavy. I cannot shake the images of children, blindfolded on their knees, hands bound behind them and guns pointed at their heads. Lambs to the slaughter.

Processing Your Life with God

Whether it's sorting through the past or processing dreams for the future, involving the Lord will refresh your life...

Battling Loneliness as a Single Mom

When loneliness calls...

When God Calls You To Kick Off Your Shoes

What might God want to remove from your walk?

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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