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No greater love...

Over 700 years before Christ was born, the prophet Isaiah recorded these words. How could he know of whom he was writing? Yet Isaiah's words are staggeringly descriptive of the events surrounding Jesus' crucifixion.

Giving God the Last Word

Encouragement for those facing infertility

Beauty In Unexpected Places {Brokenness}

When you find it hard to accept the journey ahead... God treasures of faith in vulnerability.

Balancing a Busy Life

Learn to have fun, embrace the busyness, and quiet the noise, even in the midst of chaos.

The Unengaged Marriage

Encouragement for those who feel emotionally disconnected from their spouse

She's Safest in Her Father's Arms

And then my mind did something I'm finding a little too familiar these days. It skipped passed the good parts to the bad parts. As beautiful as this world is, it will crush her someday. Or at least try to.

The Big If

Encouragement & Give-Away for those facing infertility

We All Need Someone {Carrying Your Cross}

When the journey is too hard, we all need someone. This is especially true when we take the journey of the cross.

An Invitation for Wives

Inspiration for wives: the 26 day Red Hot Challenge!

I Put Pretty Pillows On My Bed

Making choices to LIVE rather than avoid and hide.

Write for Your Sisterhood

They had something to say, something to offer one another amidst their own brokeness. Even if it came out in bite sized pieces. A sisterhood.

The Stone Collective for March

A Community Making Much Of Jesus

The Tithe and the Single Mom

Tithing as a single mom can be difficult, perhaps more so than any other person. But here's why you can't afford not to...

For The Special Little Girls And Boys {Remember}

Holding onto a promise to become real? I met a little girl who reminded me of what's true.

The Silence of God

Hope for the seasons when it seems as though God isn't answering your prayers

What Lies Behind Every Dream Lost {A New Journey}

What do you do when dreams are lost and the journey ahead feels uncertain? Behind every lost dream lies a new faith waiting to be found.

How to DIVE DEEPER Into Scripture

An Interview with Author Jenifer Jernigan

Confessions of the Not So Abandoned Heart

Life happens. Fear sets in. And sometimes I am not as free in Christ as I wanna be.

Dear Impulsive Christian Communicator

Ask. Listen. Or deny. The conversation choice is ours.

Unquenchable Love

Keeping your marriage safe amidst life's floodwaters

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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