Women Blog Posts

Processing Life with God

Seeking the Lord's understanding for everything from our biggest disappointments to our greatest dreams

What Doesn't Kill Us, Still Hurts

"God do what You need to do, to get me to where I need to be."

The Joy of Back to School

Back to school is certain to bring chaos. How can we make it fun and embrace it?

Volunteers & Single Moms Ministries

Creating a vital single parent ministry in your church is a growing trend. Volunteers become a necessity in such ministries. How do you retain & train these volunteers?

%&*#! What You Say Will Change Your Life!

Swearing is Serious Business

Embracing The Gray Hair

Embracing my 30s and the maturity that comes with it!

I Need A Nap

It is ok to use the word N.O!

Naked in the Pulpit

Give Your Pastor's Family the Freedom to Be Human

I Can't Handle Change

How change and life shake ups help us to stand firm in our faith that never changes.

The Artistic You: Dare to Free God's Creative Voice In You (Part 2)

How did you find safety as a child? God is waiting to meet with you again, in your creative space.

I Ate The Plate Of Cookies

Looking at the "things" we reach for instead of filling up on God

An Interview with Liz Curtis Higgs {and a Giveaway!}

I saw Liz Curtis Higgs in person for the first time last summer at the She Speaks Conference in North Carolina. I had read many of her books over the years and enjoyed her dynamic personality in radio and TV interviews. I knew that she would be the perfect speaker to end the conference on Saturday night.

Thoughts on Grumbling

It's creeps in on me. Slowly, by degrees. I'm hardly aware of it until that moment when I can't even stand to be around me! Life has knocked me around a bit with illness and teenagers and work and … well, you know the drill. And I've started grumbling.

Don't Worship a Holy God in Holey Jammies!

Get serious about coming into God's presence.

Summer Refreshment Series: The Fellowship of Your Faith

God designed us with a need for community, but finding the space to develop that community can be challenging...

Touching The Artistic Life You've Hidden Deep Inside (Part 1)

Is there an artistic life you've hidden inside? Jesus wants to walk you out in community.

Language Lessons

I have loved other cultures since I was a little girl. At bedtime, my great grandmother would tell me stories of the Caribbean, of monkeys in Brazil, men dressed in linen suits and hats in Panama and beautiful Bahamian ladies with skin the color of cafe con leche in Andros. I loved my Nanny's stories of these faraway places and I dreamed of going there someday.

How To Enjoy God

For those of us longing for that something that only God can offer...

Soul Ties and Singles

Are you a single mom who has struggled to forgive your ex-husband? Are you a single parent who struggles to trust in a new relationship? Or maybe you are single and struggle to enter into a Godly relationship due to trust or past hurt...read on.

Summer Refreshment Series: Finish It!

Paul encouraged the church at Corinth to finish the work they'd begun to bless another, needy church. I could use his same words of encouragement over a few of my well-intentioned, but not finished efforts as well...

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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