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Summer Refreshment

Need some sweet tea for your soul this Summer?

Debunking Single Parent Ministry Myths

Take a look at we answer some tough questions about single parent ministry and the church.

For the fatherless...

For those missing their Dad today or perhaps have never known their Dad, I pray this brings you comfort.

A Short And Sweet Check List

For those of us who love it when God lays it out in Scripture

Conquering Church Cliques: How to Welcome Others

Learn how to have a warm, inviting church.

What You are Wearing to Church

When the outfit we wear to church becomes more important than the attitude we bring with us, we are in big trouble.

Everybody Is Waiting

Encouragement for those of us who have been told by God to wait, to sit still, to stay put.

Body Obsession: See Yourself Through Jesus' Eyes

Look in the mirror and learn to love yourself.

Living Pure in an Impure World

Living a pure life is possible, even when others attempt to convince you otherwise.

Being a Mom IS Enough

Don't devalue your position as a full-time mother in your home. It is significant.

Your Shield

Free Bible Verse fb Cover


Feeling tired? You're Allowed...

The Racial Divide in Churches

Is it your church? Are you perpetuating division within the walls of your church?

My Ebenezer

I’ve been doing some soul digging. {Hence my brief absence.} I have walked into the basement of my own heart and surveyed the contents.There is some stuff that has to go.

John, Jesus' BFF: How to Be a Best Friend

Learn from John's life how to truly love others.

He Is Able

To become the woman you want to be, the one the world needs you to be, and most importantly the one God created you to be, the best and safest investment of your focus is on God's ability...

The Un-Threatened Woman

Don't be threatened by people who do things better than you. Watch, learn, cheerlead & eventually you will find your own beautiful rhythm.

Choose Forgiveness

A Daily Choice to stand in God's Mercy

Choose Joy

God gifts us His JOY daily. Will you choose to accept that gift?

Gaining Pastoral Support for New Ministry Ideas

Sometimes navigating the choppy waters of gaining pastoral support for your new ministry idea can be challenging and frustrating. Learn how to do it with grace.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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