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Choose Joy

God gifts us His JOY daily. Will you choose to accept that gift?

Gaining Pastoral Support for New Ministry Ideas

Sometimes navigating the choppy waters of gaining pastoral support for your new ministry idea can be challenging and frustrating. Learn how to do it with grace.

Choosing To Say Thank You

A daily choice to turn discontentment into gratitude

A Quick Note to Pastors on Mother's Day

This weekend is a very special one for most of your congregation. But there may be a small (yet larger than you think) group of women who will sit in your pews and chairs, in silent pain.

Mother's Day and Mixed Emotions

What to do when the idyllic imagery of motherhood often doesn't match up with the reality of life

Shimmer and Radience

The practice of seeking God's presence.

A Shield

Is God personally and experientially your shield?

Churches & Single Moms Ministry

With an ever-increasing single parent population, the body of Christ needs to be keenly aware of the importance of single parent programs inside the church.

Are Our Motherhood Experiences Really That Different?

You've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times, pregnancy and motherhood is different for every woman. I think that's true, until it's not

Seek His Face

A page in my journal...contemplating the experience of seeking God's presence

5 Tips To Buying A Home

Buying home can be challenging and scary. Here are a few things you may not know about the process.

Soul Weary? Walk The Little Girl In You Out Into The World

Feeling anxious and weary? God may be calling you to a new journey of faith.

Wrestling God

Are you wrestling with God in your life? Jacob was...

To Pursue

Some encouragement for those of us who ever feel distracted, disoriented or all out unmotivated

Quick Money-Saving Tips For Busy Single Parents

Managing money can be tough for anyone, but the limited income of many single parents can be even more challenging.

Infertility, Book Give-Away & More

Sharing the journey through infertility with faith

Waiting for God to Fill your Cradle

There are four specific areas where my husband and I have dug deep emotionally and spiritually to find the treasure in this season of waiting.

Fun Freebie

A Bible verse fb cover for you :)

Living Water

What God can do with a thirsty woman

Why I Don't Fear My Thirties

Lessons learned from a momentary birthday crisis

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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