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One Teen Mom's Story

It's easy to sit back and point fingers at the girl who made the mistake, but what can we do to be a living, breathing example of Christ?

Day 6- Prayer for Our Nation

This country was founded on God's word. Oaths have been taken in His name. Many of our laws are based on Scripture. God's name is in our Declaration of Independence and His name is written on our currency.

Day 5- For Rest

The world seems to be spinning out of control with each terrifying headline. Terrorism. Shootings. Beheadings. Persecution. Ebola. It's enough to make you bar the doors and never leave home!

Day 4 - For Israel

Today is Shabbat. It is also Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the holiest of days for the Jewish people. A day of fasting and repentance. All of Jerusalem will be in utter quiet today except for the prayers of its people.

Day 3 - A Prayer for the Church

My heart is heavy for our churches. The Bible is losing its authority, even in the church, as the very Word of God and truth is now considered relative.

31 Days of Prayer - Day 2

David was one of Israel's greatest kings. God chose him and anointed him king when he was just a boy. He lead Israel to victory over and over again against their enemies. He loved God. Passionately. Fiercely. And yet, he stumbled. Big time. More than once.

31 Days of Prayer - Day 1

I could not believe I was doing this. My mother and her best friend signed us up for an all day seminar on prayer. It was a special Friday class offered at the Women of Faith conference when it first started years ago. There were hundreds of women in attendance as we listened to Becky Tirabassi teach us about the importance of prayer and daily Bible reading. Becky gave her testimony and told us what a difference these two things had made in her own life.

Above All Else Day 17: The High Way

21 Day Feast on the Fame of Jesus. A Walk Through Psalm 145

Above All Else Day 10: Where Credit Is Due

All of creation cries out in worship

Day 9 Above All Else

Not One Excluded

Sparkle Again: When You Want To Find the Spark You Once Had

What do you do when you've lost your spark, but you long to shine? It's time to nurture and recapture your heart with rest.

Above All Else Day 8: He Loves Us Regardless

Learning to grasp that He is both just AND abounding in love

Above All Else: Weekend Declaration

A Walk Through Psalm 145

Day 5: How To Be Captivated

A Walk Through Psalm 145

Above All Else Day 4: Be That Generation

Worship Him in action and not just in theory

Above All Else Day 2: When Our Praise Never Ceases

Pouring out praise even when we just aren't feelin' it

Above All Else Day 1

21 Day Feast on the Fame of Jesus. A Walk Through Psalm 145

10 Commandments for Becoming You

Don't lose yourself while becoming yourself.

Offense in Ministry

Sometimes, we simply need to recognize offense for what it is, get over it, and get busy about our Father's business.

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  • September 02, 2014 |
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Ferguson in Our Own Backyard

Pray first, then BE THE CHURCH

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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