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The Privilege of Prayer

Prayer is a privilege. It is an honor to take the time to pray for another. How often are you doing that?

Goodbye, My Childhood Town

Goodbye, my childhood town. I cannot wait to come back to you with my children someday and show them how to remember.

Swim Like It's London

Failure will not be beneficial until we move into a place of accepting our failures as efforts for our God-journeys.

Evangelism Need Not Be Apologetics: Some Thoughts About Sharing Your Faith

Evangelism Need Not Be Apologetics: Some Thoughts About Sharing Your Faith

  • Carmen at Life Blessons |
  • July 02, 2012 |
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Spiderman Super-Hero or War Hero: My Grandpa Saved the President

The Story of a Christian Vet Who Helped to Keep Us Free

My Top 5 Reasons I'm Sad to Leave Home

When we move on, we always leave something behind. That's the price we pay. These are my 5 things I'm saddest to leave behind. I will admit that more than a few tears were shed at the writing of this post.

When You Need to Feel the Pain

Sometimes, the pain we have worked so hard to avoid is the one thing that leads us to where God calls us to go.

My Top 5 Reasons I'm Excited For Change

I know it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, or irritated by the bird chirp to police siren ratio. I've lived in small(er) towns my whole life and living in LA is such a huge deal to me. I mean, it's LA!

Enjoying Your Season

It seems that we are always looking for the next best thing in our lives. We look forward to retirement, graduation, grandkids, a bigger house. However, there is something to be said for enjoying exactly where you are.

Oh! The Things You Can Think!

Responsibilities, entertainment, distractions, worries, memories and more compete for our brain space. Thankfully, God gives us direction so we can order our thoughts, instead of our thoughts ordering us!

Over Coffee, Life And Love

My friend's biggest burden is one of loneliness.

  • Dr. Ann @ Coaching with Dr. Ann |
  • June 25, 2012 |
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Leaving and Loving Well | Lessons Learned from Leaving the People You Love

“There are times when the actual experience of leaving something makes you wish desperately that you could stay, and then there are times when the leaving reminds you a hundred times over why exactly you had to leave in the first place.” ― Shauna Niequist, Bittersweet

Walking Through Scripture: Psalm 29

Walking Through Scripture: Psalm 29

  • Carmen at Life Blessons |
  • June 25, 2012 |
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She Called My Husband a Pervert: He Called Him a Devil

How to handle overt and covert criticism.

Permission Granted

You don't need permission from anyone to do what God has called you to do.

Creepy Crawlers: Exterminating Your Fears

Conquer your fears God's way.

I Do, Therefore I Am! Aren't I?

Why we idolize the work of our hands.

  • Dr. Ann @ Coaching with Dr. Ann |
  • June 20, 2012 |
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When You Walk By The Way...

You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. Deuteronomy 6:7

Living a Life of Balance

The elusive balanced life has become harder than ever to achieve. As parents, demands on our time have become even greater. How do we learn to balance it all?

Why You Should Cultivate A Vision For Your Marriage

We need a roadmap for our marriages!

  • Dr. Ann @ Coaching with Dr. Ann |
  • June 18, 2012 |
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Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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