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My Pastor Hubby and His Bullet-Proof Vest

A pastor faces death threats and learns of God's protection.

Maybe I do need Him more than you.

There was a time when I would avoid a person who felt so strongly opposed to my faith...

What To Do When Your God-Sized Dreams Stall

If you've ever pursued a God-sized dream, you will be challenged to do what doesn't come naturally. You'll be challenged to walk by faith.

Thanksgiving Doesn't Have To Be Perfect For Gratitude

Thanksgiving doesn't have to be perfect. Gratitude is what makes the holidays memorable. Here's how I'm celebrating this year. You?

Are You Motivated By Grace or Guilt? Shake Off Feelings of Guilt

The Bible says there is no condemnation for those in Christ. Why would we be movitivated by feelings of guilt rather than grace?

A Soul Pick-Me-Up: Write Letters Of Gratitude

Not in the mood to be thankful? Try this soul pick-me-up: letters of gratitude.

To Love, Honor and... Forgive

The truth is, we alone are responsible for the content of our souls.

The Window of Adultery

Protect your church leaders from sexual impurity.

What A Vietnam Vet Taught Me About My Personal Battles

I had never met a war veteran face to face, until I met Butch. Our one-on-one interview showed me how God is setting me free from childhood hurts.

Clean it out.

Sometimes my soul needs a good deep cleaning.

Make Jesus look good.

What if I would always be compelled to do the things that made Jesus look good?

The "Weasels" (Deacons) Are Out Again!

Pastors, build trust between you and your people.

Wives, Help Your Sermonator!

How can a pastor's wife best support her hubby in his most important task?

A Word from Goody Two-Shoes

Playing church won’t cut it, but worshipping God is fun because we experience His presence and grace.

You Have to Kiss a Few Frogs

Intimacy is essential to deep relationships with God, your family and your church family!

Bitterness ... We've Got to Own It.

Are you struggling with bitterness? I have too.

When Ministry Gets Gritty

How do you have staying power when ministry gets tough?

And Then ... I Lost It

Have you ever felt like you were about to lose it?

The Top Twelve Ministry Bloopers

Pastor families need a sure-fire survival plan. What's yours?

Whose Dream is This?

After rejections, trying circumstances or a long season of waiting, it is easy to start to wonder: Are these dreams in my heart really from God?

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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