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The Silence of God

Hope for the seasons when it seems as though God isn't answering your prayers

What Lies Behind Every Dream Lost {A New Journey}

What do you do when dreams are lost and the journey ahead feels uncertain? Behind every lost dream lies a new faith waiting to be found.

How to DIVE DEEPER Into Scripture

An Interview with Author Jenifer Jernigan

Confessions of the Not So Abandoned Heart

Life happens. Fear sets in. And sometimes I am not as free in Christ as I wanna be.

Dear Impulsive Christian Communicator

Ask. Listen. Or deny. The conversation choice is ours.

Unquenchable Love

Keeping your marriage safe amidst life's floodwaters

A Girl Who Never Runs is Running for Her Life

While I get ready for bed, there are girls being forced to service men and that makes me sick. Sick enough to run on her behalf. Sick enough to run for her life. She deserves better. She deserves the dignity of knowing love. True and genuine love.

Maybe It's Time to Rediscover Church

Over the past decade, many coffee shop dialogues, reactionary blogs and podium messages on "the church" have come from the youth of my generation. Now adults, and today's church, we've written, spoken, and cried out from a deep, deep well of resentment.

Whiter than Snow

Our Lord is more than able to take care of our past.

Remembering God's Help in Our Lives

"God helped us!" Have you cried those words before?

Climb Out of Your Shame Spiral: Here's How

Bible Helps for Beating Shame and Guilt

But...He Completes Me?!

Singles and marrieds alike tend to put false hope in a relationship that was never intended to fulfill them.

Minding the Present

I am an expert in borrowing trouble. Perceived trouble, that is. Nothing that has actually happened. But it could. Maybe. I am also imaginative and slightly dramatic which means when I worry, it's in technicolor!

Happy Wife Book Give-Away

Enter to win your own free copy of 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife

Creating Oasis Moments in Your Marriage

Love grows in those moments we "steal away" from the rest of the world. Here's a few ideas to get you started.

Most Embarrassing Moments: Lessons I Learned from Bumbling Peter

God's Covering Grace

Extra Stress Requires Extra TLC: What Do You Need Most Right Now?

In times of stress and change, we need extra TLC from God to us, as the beloved.

It's Hard to do the Hard Stuff

Keeping the bigger picture in mind when you need to do the HARD STUFF

Dating As A Single Mom

To date or not to date as a single mom...that is the question.

  • Jennifer Maggio |
  • February 18, 2014 |
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5 Ways to Make Your Kid Hate You

Bad parenting is easy. God's plan brings success.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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