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Dear Women (Not Yet) in Worship

You know who you are. You're sitting a couple rows back so no one really, really notices you singing your heart out. I see you.

World's Worst Preacher Fight: Healing the Scars

Paul and Barnabas duke it out over John Mark

Walls Down Wednesday: Hallowed Be His Name

Honoring the Lord's name in our relationships involves two important ingredients...

A Letter to My Daughter About the Hardships of Being a Mom

A Letter to My Daughter About the Hardships of Being a Mom

  • Carmen at Life Blessons |
  • October 22, 2013 |
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A Treasured Love

Song of Solomon describes a love that "many waters cannot wash away." Join us for this series to discover the secret to maintaining a strong love that can't be washed away by anything

Are We Really Too Busy

A quick video on depletion, refreshing and loving on others

Walls Down Wednesday: Three Thoughts to Reframe our Hurts

The Lord’s prayer unfolds from lips for the first time, with three all-important words...

The Likes of Social Media

It's not always safe to trust our social media "likes".

The Fear That Gripped Me

Fear can grip our very soul, immobilize and paralyze us. Learn to battle fearlessly.

Scared Spitless? How to Be Frugal in an Uncertain Economy

God's Plan for Tithing, Budgeting, Saving and Spending

Walls Down Wednesday: A Position of Praise

How praise through pain positions our hearts for healing

Discovering Peace and Freedom in Parenting by Learning to Surrender

Discovering Peace and Freedom in Parenting by Learning to Surrender

  • Carmen at Life Blessons |
  • October 08, 2013 |
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The Good Fight of Parenting

Many fights are not worth fighting. The fight for your children, however? That one's worth it.

Walls Down Wednesday: When Jesus Prayed...

Soul searching questions from the Lord's prayer for healing, help and hope from relationship pains

Witches and Spells, Voodoo and Halloween

Don't mess with Satan. He's alive and well.

Where you set your offering

Sometimes we make serving the Lord harder than it needs to be...

Why Single Parents Aren't Attending Church

With almost 70% of today's single parents not attending church regularly, what can the body of Christ do to counteract this trend?

A Waste of Time: Why Feeding Your Soul Is a Difficult Act of Faith

It's easier to be distracted by what appears to be in important. It's harder to choose wasting time as an act of faith.

Walls Down Wednesday

How Jesus heals you when others hurt you - from Mary DeMuth's upcoming book

"She Did What She Could"

"She Did What She Could"

  • Carmen at Life Blessons |
  • September 24, 2013 |
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Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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