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Trevin Wax

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Trevin Wax is the Managing Editor of The Gospel Project, a curriculum developed by LifeWay Christian Resources. He blogs daily at Kingdom People. He is also the author of Holy Subversion (Crossway, 2010) and Counterfeit Gospels (Moody, 2011).
A Critical Mind vs. A Critical Spirit

In our celebration of the critical mind, we may be indulging the critical spirit. There is a difference. A big one. And it’s largely one of the heart.

"Both Chastity and Contraception?"

Should churches educate their singles on how to use contraception?

Ransomed Singing

Kingdom people sing now of Christ’s salvation in anticipation of the day we will see Him face to face.

4 Things Every Kid Needs to Know about the Bible

If you are looking for creative, fun-filled, and family-focused approaches to children’s discipleship curriculum, there are plenty of options available. But we’ve heard from a number of children’s pastors who are dissatisfied with what they’ve seen. Is the primary message we are giving our children simply that they need to “be good?”

Pursuing Multi-Ethnic Congregations: A Conversation with Derwin Gray and Juan Sanchez

Today, I’m excited to welcome two friends of mine to the blog for a conversation on the need for multi-ethnic congregations.

When the Light of the World Flickered Out

Wherever His disciples met, in an upper room, or on a lonely road, or behind closed doors, or in hiding places, the same refrain is sadly heard, “He is dead. He is in a tomb, they have sealed the grave and set a guard; He is dead.”

Christianity in Crisis? A Response to Andrew Sullivan

Newsweek’s cover story, written by popular author Andrew Sullivan, encourages Americans to “forget the church” and just “follow Jesus.”

Are You Equipped to Respond to the Prosperity Gospel?

You’d be surprised at how much prosperity-tainted teaching is in conservative churches.

Behind Every Theological Crusader There’s Usually a Story

I’ve found that whenever I come across “issue Christians” – whether they be Calvinist, anti-Calvinist, church growth, anti-church growth, Dispensationalist, or charismatic – I ought to hear their story.

Seeing Beyond the Suffering

Being an ocean away from one side of the family is never easy, but the distance is felt even more acutely when a loved one is ill.

5 Essentials for a Church Website

“If a church doesn’t have a website in this day and age, it’s as if the church doesn’t exist.”

Why God Doesn’t Tell You Everything…

Sometimes I’ve wondered why God doesn’t reveal the specific plan He has for all of our lives. Now, I realize it’s a good thing He doesn’t.

The Kingdom of God in the Middle of Nowhere

It is often in doing something the world sees as backwards that we are taking spiritual steps forward.

A Renaissance of Gospel-Centered Music: A Conversation with Matt Papa

For over a decade, Matt has been writing and recording songs that are saturated with God’s Word. To Papa, a song is more than just lyrics and melody – it’s a sermon people will remember.

Go Beyond the Sex Questions

Too many times, evangelicals respond to sexual disillusionment by turning our focus toward the act and not the marriage, and thus we fail to lift up something substantive. We offer a Christianized version of RedBook magazine’s “tips to spice up your love life.”

An African Prophet Standing Against the Prosperity Gospel

The explosive growth of Christianity in Africa and South America has led many observers to speak of this demographic shift as creating a new Christendom. Unfortunately, the teaching that has fueled growth in these areas has been tainted by an American-style prosperity emphasis that focuses on health and wealth at the expense of sin, redemption, and repentance.

Discipleship Is More Than Conveying Information

Yes, teaching involves the transfer of important information, but Christian discipleship involves more than that.

Suggestions to Those Looking for a Good Church

I often get e-mails from people looking for a church. The questions are always similar. What I’ve found helpful in advising people who are looking for a church are a few insights from Francis Schaeffer and Dietrich Bonhoeffer...

Grace and Truth Beyond the Elephant Room

Sometimes we may stand against a brother on a certain issue, but even when we take an adversarial stance, it ought always to be for the good of that brother and the glory of King Jesus.

Bible Study Won’t (Necessarily) Change Your Life

It is possible to know the Scriptures, read the Scriptures, revere the Scriptures and miss the point entirely.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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