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I Thought Jesus Came to Keep Me FROM Suffering!

The state of marriage reveals a gaping chasm between biblical Christianity and cultural Christianity that must be closed if the church wants to be faithful to its mission.

  • Michael Craven |
  • September 28, 2009 |
  • comments
The Duty of Political Speech

Everything seems to be flowing toward one end of the political spectrum, and those who raise a voice to offer a contrary opinion are ignored, scorned, or attacked. Elihu must have had a similar wariness about speaking up.

The Christian's Guide to Everyday Justice

As a practical outworking of loving God and others, true justice is restorative. So how do Christians practically imitate God's passion for justice and righteousness?

  • Hännah Schlaudt |
  • September 23, 2009 |
  • comments
In the Beginning ... God

What Would Jesus Tweet?

  • David R. Stokes |
  • September 18, 2009 |
  • comments
Keeping the Lights on Monday through Saturday

The scenario is common and vexing: a church building erected generations ago sits idle six days a week yet consumes 50 percent of the church budget. What to do?

Paving the Way: Becoming Cultural Missionaries

To reach people with the Gospel, we have to be able to speak their language: be it Swahili, Chinese... or the language of postmodern secularism.

Heralds of the King

The late Dr. Clowney was a trailblazer of Christ-centered, redemptive historical preaching. Following his model, in Heralds of the King pastors with different gifts, backgrounds and ministries show how they proclaim Christ from all of Scripture.

  • Dennis E. Johnson |
  • September 14, 2009 |
  • comments
Christian Cosmetology

Ministry leaders sometimes share characteristics with make-up artists. As such, we need to remember that accentuating the beauty is much better than just hiding the ugly.

Religious Liberty in an Age of Toleration

Religious toleration isn't the same as religious liberty. Rather, it's the Chinese practice of registering, approving, tolerating, and controlling something perceived as dangerous.

Preaching: Demanding Work but Such a Calling

Great preaching, it would appear, has little to do with the size of our talent and everything to do with the size of our God.

Babe Ruth is Dead... and so is Spurgeon

Woe to the man who fancies himself the Charles Haddon Spurgeon of today.

Why Memorize Scripture? Six Reasons.

Pastor's Wives: Finding Your Place

  • Veronica Reece |
  • September 02, 2009 |
  • comments
Watch Your Example

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

One of the twentieth century's greatest preachers, Martin Lloyd-Jones offers eight sermons on John 14:1-12 as encouragement to Christians and direction for unbelievers facing anxiety in uncertain times. Read an excerpt from Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.

  • Martin Lloyd-Jones |
  • August 28, 2009 |
  • comments
Are We a Nation of Hindus?

"Recent poll data show that conceptually, at least, we are slowly becoming more like Hindus and less like traditional Christians in the ways we think about God, our selves, each other, and eternity."

The Kingdom Comes with Force

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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