The wise relish family get-togethers. A birthday, an anniversary, or a holiday becomes more special. It’s not a stop-at-the-store-on-the-way-home-and-buy-a-three-dollar-card-and-a-cheap-box-of-chocolates type of day. It’s a let’s-make-a-memory type of day.

Many of the rest of us, like brute beasts, muddle through our lives to a sudden death, having never truly appreciated the little things. To the wise, little things mean so much! Let’s learn from the wise. May we praise God for everything including the so-called “small things.”

The Lord resents ingratitude (Romans 1:21). “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (I Thessalonians 5:18). Have you ever done something for someone and then never received so much as a thank-you? It hurt, didn’t it? Don’t you know that it hurts the Lord when we are given so much every day and don’t thank Him?

Little foxes can and do spoil the vine. The little foxes in our spiritual life can do so much harm. Let’s “take . . . the foxes, the little foxes.” Let’s chase the little foxes from our lives before the vine is damaged and life’s tender grapes are destroyed-before it’s too late.

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