S4W.com: How do you explain the powerful connection between music and worship expression?
Garratt: I think David showed us the place of music in worship. He even produced instruments he considered suitable to express worship. Music stirs the soul. It has a powerful way of influencing people's emotions. However, I think there are many occasions when our worship expressions stay in the soul area because we are unable to distinguish between soul and spirit. We can use music in our expressions of worship, but the music always needs to remain a servant to the goal itself.

S4W.com: What compels you to write new songs for worship today?
Garratt: Interestingly enough the church seems to be getting back to where we were when Dale and I began Scripture in Song in 1968. So many of the songs today are subjective-"I" this and that, including "What I am going to do" instead of just doing it. We still need songs that God's people can use to simply express their praise and worship.

S4W.com: Tell us what your ministry is like today, what you are spending your time and effort on?
Garratt: My wife, Dale, and I are living in Auckland, New Zealand, as we have for many years. For the past 16 years, our emphasis has been on calling for the indigenous and ethnic peoples of the world to worship the living God using the sounds, dances, songs and instruments God gave them. This is taking me to various parts of the earth, and I find that this message brings hope to many. We have produced a video to share this message. It is called, "Let my people go." As I write this, I am flying to Brisbane to teach in a YWAM school and after that to Korea where I will be with people who are learning to use their traditional instruments in worship and praise.