What are the essentials you could not do without in worship?
If I'm gonna grab two or three things in a hurry because I know I'm going off for six years to be alone, I'm gonna grab a couple of hymnals and the Word. The Word is the only essential thing and it's not even essential. At the end of the day there's enough revelation of God all around us to foster a truckload of worship.

What has been the greatest challenge you've faced in ministry?
The biggest challenge for me perennially is coming and staying in a place where I can know for sure that I'm doing what God's doing, so I can know why I'm doing what I'm doing. If I don't know why we're starting a label then I'm sunk even if we have a million dollars in the bank. And if I don't know why we're doing Passion then I'm certainly not going to pay the price it takes for a little crew like us to pull something like that off. To come away and say this is what God is doing and we've gotten still enough, quiet enough, focused enough long enough to hear that. It's the greatest challenge. It's easy to come up with great ideas and feel like we've accomplished a lot, and at the end of day realize we weren't doing what God is doing and it's not going to last.

What's the most important thing you want to teach people about worship?
If they get lifestyle worship then I think we've accomplished a tremendous amount. If they see everything they do as a reflection of the character of God, and if they see every opportunity they have as an opportunity to glorify God and to magnify God, then I think we've reset the parameters for the worship discussion.

Why this mission, this message of worship?
Because it's ultimate. Only one thing gets to become ultimate. The challenge is finding out what it is. I feel like, from a quick read of scripture, that God's glory is ultimate and wed to that is our opportunity with our life to be a part of his glory which is what worship is all about. So I feel like worship, in that sense, is the ultimate thing and that's why I've been compelled for a long, long time to try to talk about it teach people about it, participate in it, live it, model it.... I want to be proclaiming that ultimate thing.