3.     I wish I had known that every person is created in God's image… and He loves them just as much as He loves me

Sparky Anderson, a former Cincinnati Reds manager, once said that "you can never go wrong being classy." And you can never go wrong being kind to everyone. Sometimes you will be tempted to ridicule or tease those who are less attractive, intelligent, gifted, or cool. Don't do it. If you can accept the advice of a guy who has been to a 25th High School reunion I can tell you this. Some of those "losers" are the "winners" now. They have wonderful families and lives. Some of the kids I was desperate to be like are still living off of moldy high school memories. High school is the start of a very long journey. Some people seem to be leading the life race coming out of high school. The real winners know that life is a marathon and that God has a plan for that long race. Be kind to everyone. Jesus loves them. And so should you.

4.   I wish I had known that nothing outside of who I am in Christ can make me cool

There is nothing wrong with desiring to wear clothes and shoes that are fashionable. There is nothing wrong with being in activities that are popular. But it is wrong to think that those clothes or shoes or activities make you better than others. I really wish I had known that going along with the group and doing wrong things did not make me cool. I wish I had realized in high school that people look at those things but God looks on the heart. It is your heart that makes you who you are, not your outfit or activities or “rebellious” moments.

5.    I wish I had known in high school that I needed to take responsibility for my own actions

Learn now to say these three sentences.

            I was wrong.
            I am sorry.
            Forgive me.

And keep your "but" out of those statements. Don't say "I was wrong 'but' I didn't think it would hurt you" or "I am sorry 'but' I was having a bad day."  Those are not real apologies. Take responsibility. Live with integrity. That will make you unique in this culture!

6.    I wish I had known in high school that the 2nd most important decision I would make is who my friends were

Your friends have an influence on who you are and who you become. Pick them carefully. Young Christians often think they can influence their friends for Christ if they keep hanging out with them. Be careful that you don't lose the balance of fellowship and encouragement of Christian friends. Prayerfully seek a balance between the two. But understand that friends are a critical factor in your life and they will influence who you are…good or bad.

7.   The most important decision I will ever make is who or what I worship

I did figure this one out to some extent in high school. Everyone one worships something or someone. It can be money or power or fame or popularity. I believe we are created to worship God. We have a yearning from our birth to find our purpose and significance. But if you don't find that relationship in Christ you will tend to fill it with wrong things. Often those things are not inherently bad. But they can become bad things when they become the focus instead of Jesus. We used to sing a camp song with these lyrics:

Seek ye first the kingdom of God
And His righteousness
And all these things shall be added unto you

There is nothing wrong with "these things" when you seek the kingdom of God first. One of my favorite passages is in the book of Colossians. Paul outlines what it looks like to be a real Christian. Living these five little verses will change your life.