Yesterday The Times-Georgian had the headline, "Keeping the Faith in HOPE." The story focused on Georgia parents' worry that the HOPE Scholarship isn't going to last. It may not. For selfish reasons I hope we can keep faith in HOPE. I borrow the headline today to remind you and me that we are to "keep the Faith in HOPE — the hope that our consciences can be cleansed by the Blood of an Innocent One, the blood of Jesus Christ and the hope that all the consciences in the world can be cleansed with the same Blood of the same Innocent One. Let us consciously allow Christ's shed blood to cleanse our consciences. Let's consciously pattern our way of living in accordance with His way of living. There's no other way to live life. There's no other way.


Depart, now, in the fellowship of God, your Heavenly Father, with great shouts
of joy. And as you go, remember:

In the faithfulness of God, the foundation of your life, you are being
made strong as He provides you refuge each day;

By the grace of God, you have been delivered from the deep darkness
of sin into the brilliant light of His salvation; and

In the love of God, revealed in Jesus Christ, your conscience is being
cleansed as a result of the shedding of His blood — blood that
will never lose its power.

Thanks be to God! All Hail King Jesus! Now and forever! Amen and Amen.


Jimmy Gentry is pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Carrollton, Georgia.


All scriptures, unless otherwise noted, are from the Contemporary English Version.