“I think this movie gave everyone a reference point about the Cross. You might have been a Christian for years, but never seen such a graphic depiction of the Cross. I felt like it awakened something in me. I feel like in this culture today people don’t have a reference point of the Cross. So it’s a wonderful thing that so many millions of people are going to see this film who would never usually find themselves thinking about the Cross. That’s a wonderful head start for those of us in the Church. When these folks come through the door at church, they now have a reference point for what we’re talking about.”

Redman’s influence on the modern worship scene is so prevalent that it has afforded him many opportunities to help mentor other songwriters and worship leaders in the field. His participation on the Heartofworship.com website is a major priority, as well as his regular involvement with worship conferences and teaching sessions around the world.

“I’m really passionate about training songwriters, and I’d really love to do more,” Redman shares. “I teach on worship leading, but I feel more and more passionate about the art of songwriting, and how to develop that craft within church congregations. I believe if you’re going to be a songwriter for the church, you need to be a pastor – meaning you have to have a heart for the people. If you want to write for the people of God, you need to care about people more than you care about poetry. You have to really have a heart as a pastor, a proclaimer – someone who puts truth into song. The heart of a prophet. Our songs should be both timely and timeless – timeless because they’re full of truth, but timely because God might be highlighting a particular truth in that particular season.”

As Redman continues to be an inspiration in worship settings around the world, he is committed to the role God has placed on his life for this season. Whether it’s providing a new crop of songs for congregational worship or mentoring new songwriters and worship leaders of tomorrow, he has become one of the defining artists of this generation