8. Buying a Hyundai, then driving it like a Ferrari
Audio and video systems cost what they are worth. There is no way a modest system can perform like an expensive, properly designed system. Churches love to set system budgets, and then try to force the integrator to "make it work." Unfortunately, God's laws of physics apply in His house just like they do at an Eminem concert. As the clich‚ says, you get what you pay for. If a church needs to reproduce video and audio at a high level, it takes the right equipment and personnel to achieve the goal.

9. Presenting a hip image of Christianity in place of the image of Christ
God does not call us to make Christianity cool. There is nothing cool about suffocating to death on a cross while stripped naked. The Gospel is a wonderful message and conveys hope, but not at the expense of truth. Our message must be applicable to all people for all time in all circumstance.

10. Creating virtual music
Performing Muzak versions of rock tunes with guitars played through modeling modules and drums banged out on electronics drums does not endear the message to someone raised on real rock-and-roll. If the situation is appropriate for virtual instruments and the room acoustics are atrocious, then virtual may be the answer. However, if authenticity is the goal, then authentic instrumentation is the means for success. Discernment is needed to understand when to wail and when to use in-ears.

Kent Morris is a veteran media system designer and Seminars4Worship instructor focused on the ministry aspects of technology.