Quote/Buzz: "The raw enthusiasm of over 11,000 worshipers created a spirit of worship that ushered all into the presence of God. The worship elevated what was undoubtedly a professionally produced service to a divine experience." -Canaanstore.com
FYI: This is the 12th live worship album recorded by Zschech and the worship team at Hillsong Church in Sydney Australia.
The Bottom Line: With a theme of thankfulness, Blessed resonates with Hillsong's signature enthusiasm, passion and scripture-rich worship, and with an 11,000 voice choir at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, a full orchestra and a house-full of passion, there's no where to send it but up.
Featuring: 14 powerful, original songs like the up-tempo title track, "I Adore" and the anthem, "Made Me Glad." Split-trax and songbooks are also available, with melody line, arrangements for piano and guitar, and transparency masters.  Also check out the DVD/VHS documentary which includes the music, interviews, and a behind the scenes look at this incredible night of worship.

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--Melissa Riddle