I want to believe God for the supernatural in intercession, for the impossible to become possible, for His extraordinary hand of power in situations in nations as well as in my life. I want to believe God for a mighty prayer movement that covers the earth. To do so, I need to be ready to take action according to God's direction.

Last year God opened the door to start a one-month 24/7 House of Prayer in southern Spain. It was a step of faith. We invited intercessors from several nations to join us. We invited the churches of southern Spain to join us. God provided a hotel for this month of day-and-night prayer. He blessed us in a marvelous way. Everyone grew in his or her prayer life, and we were able to keep the prayer room going day and night. This vision expanded to pray not only for Spain but for North Africa as well. This led to another one-month 24/7 House of Prayer on the east coast of the United States. We have had invitations to do this in other nations as well. It all began with prayers of faith and an obedient step of faith in Spain.

Nothing is Impossible for God

Elijah, prophet of God, stood before King Ahab and announced that there would be no rain unless he said so. And a drought set in (1 Kings 17). For three years, crops withered in the fields, and livestock died of thirst. And when it was time, God sent word through Elijah that it would rain once again. Leonard Ravenhill, a prominent British evangelist, wrote,
“Such praying men are always our national benefactors. Elijah was such. He had heard a voice, seen a vision, tasted a power, measured an enemy, and with God as partner, wrought a victory. He knew the mind of God. Therefore he, one man, strangled a nation and altered the course of nature. By the key of faith, which fits every lock, Elijah locked heaven, pocketed the key, and made Ahab tremble. Though it is wonderful indeed when God lays hold of a man, earth can know one greater wonder—when a man lays hold of God.”

May we be men and women of faith who lay hold of God in prayer as Elijah did. It will take fervent prayers of faith for the seemingly impossible task ahead. Prayers are needed to turn nations towards God, to penetrate countries and people groups with the Gospel, and to see strongholds in our cities pulled down by the power of the name of Jesus, thereby opening doors to bring in the lost. God majors in performing what men often see as the impossible. He loves to break through when all hope seems dim.
God can break through the stormy seas in your personal life, family, city and nation. He longs to do the impossible in answering the cries of intercession. Prayer is the avenue to see all needs met. Prayer and faith go together. Ask God for increased faith in prayer for all believers. We see in Luke 17:5 that the disciples wanted more faith and prayed, "Increase our faith!" We need great faith and aggressive prayer for all the nations of the world. First Corinthians 16:13 says "Stand firm in your faith." May we look back on these days and say as Paul did in 2 Thessalonians 1:3, "Your faith is growing more and more."

"Don't discount what is possible with God (Philippians 4:13). When God gives an assignment, it is no longer an impossibility, but rather it is an absolute certainty. When God gives you a seemingly impossible task, the only thing preventing it from coming to pass is your disobedience… How do you respond to assignments that seem impossible? Do you write them off as unattainable? Or do you immediately adjust your life to God's revelation, watching with anticipation to see how He will accomplish His purposes through your obedience. God wants to do the impossible through your life."  
--Henry and Richard Blackaby