I believe God's natural wonders never ceased to amaze David and that he just couldn't fathom that the same One who imagined and then spoke them into existence also imagined and spoke him into existence as well.

Then, as if this were not enough, God declared "humankind" the jewel in his crown. We were given dominion over the earth and its inhabitants. David said that God made mankind just a little lower than the angels. The angels!

We are significant to God.

Significant enough that he desires to speak with us.

To, perhaps even, call us "friend."

And So We Sing

As God would have it, the other day - not too long after reading those powerful words in Exodus - I heard Philips, Craig, and Dean singing "friend of god" on the radio. Naturally, I sang along.

When the words, "It's amazing … so amazing!" I burst into tears. God—the Creator of all that is magnificent around me - has called me "friend."

It is amazing!!

The next time you hear (or sing) Friend of God, won't you take the time to sit down and talk with him. I promise he will do the same with you.

What do you say? Let's be friends… of God!

Eva Marie Everson's most current work is Reflections of God's Holy Land: A Personal Journey Through Israel (Thomas Nelson/Nelson Bibles). For more information about the book and Eva Marie's speaking topics, go to: www.evamarieeverson.com. Visit her blog at evamarieeverson.blogspot.com.

Article main photo credit: Eva Marie Everson.

Original publication date: February 3, 2010