It's easier to believe, Peter knew, when you have seen the evidence. But to believe in spite of not seeing any evidence... to believe in spite of the world as you know it turning upside down - whether personally or in general - well, that's really something.

That's … faith.

jeremy camp's song, I Still Believe, written after the death of his first wife (who died of ovarian cancer at the age of 21; he was 23), heard on radios and sung in contemporary church services, holds words Peter could have easily added to his letter. Life is upside down, but I choose to believe, they say. Specifically, in all those wonderful qualities and traits of God. In His faithfulness, in His Truth, in His Holy Word.

Even when we don't see, in these things - and so many more - we can believe. God himself becomes the place where our broken hearts run and where are souls are replenished and renewed.

And you can take that to the bank, too.

Eva Marie Everson is the author of a number of fiction and nonfiction works, including the recently released This Fine Life (Baker/Revell) and Reflections of God's Holy Land; A Personal Journey Through Israel (Thomas Nelson). For more information about Eva Marie and for speaking information, go to

Original publication date: May 1, 2010