Those who were speaking to Jesus had flagrantly disregarded their own history and their personal sins against God. Before the conversation was over the people were protesting against illegitimate birth and Jesus was declaring a most important line about himself.

"...before Abraham was born, i am!"

I Am …

It surely reverberated within them. "i am," God had said to Moses on that holy mountain. "I am … everything. All you need. All you will ever need. I am that I am."

There's freedom in understanding that, isn't there? In knowing it? In declaring it?

In holding it close to our hearts and allowing it to guide our lives?

Glory, songs, and the Spirit of the Lord. Praises, joy, and the freedom of the King.

Let it rise!

Eva Marie Everson
 is the award-winning co-author of reflections of god’s holy land; a personal journey through israel. Her latest release is with Baker/Revell, a southern novel, things left unspoken

Original publication date: May 30, 2009