God Still Speaks through Dreams:  Are You Missing His Messages?
Author:      Greg Cynaumon
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson Publishers
God still uses dreams to communicate with people, just as He did in biblical times.  And whether God uses them naturally to help people’s minds process their thoughts and feelings or supernaturally to speak directly to them Himself, dreams are powerful communication tools.  Unfortunately, the study of dreams has often been regulated to the fuzzy realm of New Age spirituality because few Christians have stepped up to explore the topic.  Now author Greg Cynaumon has created a credible and fascinating resource for people to learn more about dreams.  The book’s principles come from a solidly biblical perspective, and its stories are absolutely captivating.

What My Parents Did Right!
Author:     Compiled by Gloria Gaither
Publisher:  Howard Publishing Company
It’s so refreshing to find a book like this one that highlights what parents have done right, since it seems to be fashionable for people to blame their parents for whatever troubles they face as adults.  Gospel singer and songwriter Gloria Gaither invited famous Christians to contribute real-life stories about their parents, and the result is a compilation of 55 articles that help readers understand some of what it takes to be successful in parenting.  More than just expounding on the merits of various parenting principles, the book illustrates them through stories that are often quite compelling and leaves readers feeling as if they have been informally mentored.