“Nope. I’m a freelance photographer and reporter, and I’ve written for several publications.” He smiled, revealing a set of straight, pearly white teeth. “The pictures I submit often bring in more money than my articles.”

Cleon gave a quick nod; then he started to turn away.

“Say, I was wondering if you’d be willing to give me a quick interview. I’m trying to find out some information about the Amish in this area, and—”

“Sorry, not interested.” Cleon hurried down the steps and onto the sidewalk. The last thing he wanted was for the Englisher to start plying him with a lot of questions about the Amish way of life. He’d read a couple of articles about his people in the newspaper recently, and none of them had been accurate. Cleon rushed around back to the parking lot, untied his horse from the hitching rail, and climbed into the buggy. If he hurried, he might catch up with Grace and Ruth on their way home.

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