1) We are not called to safety, but to stand strong in the storm.
2) Our safety is not in the absence of the storm, but in the presence of God.

We live in a culture here in this country, even within the Church, that emphasizes watching our own backs, demanding as our right to be free from the danger and risk and storms so much of the rest of our world is facing. But the Creator God we see in Scripture is not about safety and tranquility. Look at the images in the Psalms especially. We serve a God who rides on the wings of the wind, who makes storm clouds His footstool, whose laughter crashes through the thunder and lightning, who shakes the earth with His passing. Our God is mighty, awesome, powerful, even wild. But He is not about safety and tranquility.

And whatever we might wish, God never promised a safe and quiet life to His children. On the contrary, the God we serve is calling His followers to be out there standing strong in the storm, because in the world of chaos and uncertainty in which we live, someone has to be out there nailing down the loose roof shingles and pulling people from the floodwaters.

If that sounds frightening, it shouldn't be because our safety is not, and never will be, in the absence of the storm, but in the presence of a God who loves His children passionately. Which is why, in the rising storm assailing our world, the underlying message of "FireStorm" is not one of fear or doom-saying but of hope and challenge.

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