"She is right on target with what she's trying to communicate to moms and daughters," said Faith Whatley, LifeWay's director of women's ministry. "She has such a passion for it."

Courtney said her perspective as a former agnostic with an avowed feminist worldview propels her ministry to counteract the cultural confusion. She became a Christian at age 21, when a college friend invited her to a Christian conference.

She enjoyed debating Christians on campus and was not expecting to get saved at the conference. "I had chased after everything the world promised would make you happy," she said. "I didn't ever expect I'd be converted there. I hope that I will never forget those 21 years."

Courtney began her speaking ministry in 1995 and developed her Virtuous Reality event ministry geared to college women in 1998.

"Many of the girls were coming up and telling us, 'I wish I had something like this when I was younger," Courtney said, a fact that inspired her to reach and teach even younger girls that the only true liberation is found in Jesus Christ.

"Sadly enough, for a lot of college women, it was more of a recovery effort for everything from sexual promiscuity [to] abortion, eating disorders, sexual abuse and low self esteem," Courtney said, adding that such problems are not exclusive to non-Christians. "In ministering to college women, we found our Christian girls were dealing with the same issues as any other girl."

Vicki Courtney's 2006 Your Girl events are scheduled for January 21 in Chattanooga, Tenn.; March 25 in Hendersonville, Tenn.; April 29 in Charlotte, N.C.; and Sept. 16 in Jacksonville, Fla. For more information, please visit www.lifeway.com/women.

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