If there was a 17-year-old who went through this by himself, that's okay because he'd learn some good stuff.  But if he went through it with a group of other young men, then that would be even better because then there'd be some dialogue.  But then if he went through the content with some young men and there was dialogue and he had an accountability partner going through the module where they called each other every day to check in and see how things were going, then that guy's life will be different.  He'll be transformed tremendously. 

Laura:  Kenny, in closing, would you pray on behalf of young men who may be reading this article right now or for moms or dads who may have sons who are struggling with different issues? 

Kenny:  Father, I'm reminded of myself in my room when I was 17 and how desperately I wanted to know not only who I was, but who you were, and I cried out to you to both know you and see you.  And you met me, and I've never been the same and I found a Father who loves me, gives me advice, shows me the way, gives me a great example and I'm truly grateful. 

I know that there are both parents and young men out there who are struggling to know You and experience Your purpose and plan for their lives.  And I ask that by the power of Your Holy Spirit that You would reveal to both parents and young men Your purpose for their lives.  For fathers to be God's men and to give that away to their sons.  For young men to leave childish ways behind to embrace their future as a man to not just pursue fun but to also pursue their faith aggressively, so that the next 30 to 40 years of their life will be different and lived for You. 

So I pray that You would strengthen fathers, young men to be God's men and that they would live out that identity through their choices and all their relationships and advance Your Kingdom powerfully in this generation.  In Jesus' name, Amen. 

Kenny Luck is president and founder of Every Man Ministries and co-author of "Every Young Man, God's Man" and the best-selling "Every Man, God's Man."  He is the area leader over men's ministry and a member of the teaching staff of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.  He and his wife, Chrissy, have three children and reside in Trabuco Canyon, California.