Title:  "The ACLU Vs. America: Exposing the Agenda to Redefine Moral Values"
Authors:  Alan Sears and Craig Osten
Publisher:  Broadman & Holman

The ACLU, from its very inception, has embraced principles antithetical to the founding tenets and subsequent prosperity and decency of this nation. The ACLU and their cohorts continue to aggressively undermine marriage, the family, the protection of children, the value of life, religious liberty and even American sovereignty itself. To this end they have acquired vast swaths of wealth and have been successful in undermining the will of the people in furtherance of their leftist anti-American putsch via the exploitation of the court system and their consistently applied strategy of legal intimidation, misinformation and fear.

"That's just demagogic hyperbole – prove it!" you say? OK – but be
warned: the facts that buttress these assertions are not only illuminating, but are often times quite disconcerting.

Alan Sears (president, CEO and general council of the Alliance Defense Fund) and Craig Osten (vice president of presidential communications and research of the same firm) have crafted an important new book titled "The ACLU vs. America: Exposing the Agenda to Redefine Moral Values" (Broadman & Holman, 2005), which effectively exposes the extremist agenda of the American Civil Liberties Union, its tactics, and ultimately the ongoing threat this organization and their allies pose to our children, families and to the nation. It is perhaps the first work of its kind to challenge the ACLU's design for America in such direct, succinct, organized and empirically supported terms.

Indeed, this is not a 215-page rant that engages in ad hominem attacks and emotional appeals to contrive a case against the ACLU; rather – as good lawyers do – the authors build their case using historical facts, documented statements, positions and court actions of the ACLU to, in effect, use the ACLU's history and actions against itself ... and the facts are quite incriminating.

From its founding in 1920 by Roger Baldwin, a socialist with strong communist leanings, the ACLU was never a genuine force for American liberty as defined by America's founding fathers. Baldwin's family history and influences engendered a liberal elitist worldview that generally maintains contempt for the common man, religion and the popular will of the people – a series of traits that permeate the ACLU today. Baldwin's family, friends and associates were replete with members of the Communist party, ties to the Soviet Union, anarchists and even eugenicists (e.g., Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood) who advocated the pursuit of a superior race through selective breeding and abortion.

You will discover that through decades of honing its skills of intimidation, misinformation and fear through threats of lawsuits, duplicitous public relations antics and manufactured legal confrontations, the ACLU has been successful in establishing an unholy record of legal precedents largely resulting from under-funded or ill-equipped opposition to their attacks, rather than solid legal argument or Constitutional relevance. These attacks have, in relative historical terms, only recently been effectively countered by organizations such as the Alliance Defense fund.

Despite more effective countermeasures, the ACLU goose steps on unabated and arrogantly assumes the dirty banner of protecting pornographers, violent pedophiles and an "anything goes" culture – all the while telling us it's for our own good – and synchronously progresses efforts to further erode religious liberty, traditional values, marriage, parental authority and the value of human life.