Author:       Donald Miller
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson Publishers

With a broad range of appeal for people in various places in their spiritual journey, "Blue Like Jazz" is an account of author Donald Miller’s spiritual trek. From his compelling childhood memories to his current role as a campus ministry leader at Reed College in Portland, Ore. (notorious for its dark atmosphere), his story offers a refreshing perspective on Christian spirituality. 

However, "Blue Like Jazz" is not only resourceful for those searching for answers, it’s also a relevant resource for new Christians. Miller’s personal story presents a challenge for those who have either walked away from their faith or who have become spiritually numb. It also manages to engage believers to not only look in the mirror but to step away and examine how their actions might be viewed by worldly interpretation.

Miller’s lack of sugarcoating on his thoughts could be a recipe for controversy among some conservatives since "Blue Like Jazz" contains no reference to specific Scripture passages. But if your reading preferences tend to gravitate toward learning via personal, unfiltered stories, then the earthy reality of this book will be a welcome benefit.

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