On the Move is a breezy read in the sense of how quickly you can read and absorb the message. I’m a slower reader, and I read through the entire book in about half an hour. The work even begs to be re-read. I’ve read it four times in the last few days, and I have to say the message sticks with you if you let it take root in your heart. The pictures that are included (from trips Bono has taken to Africa over the years) make these situations seem a bit more real, but they fall short of tugging at your heart strings in a manipulative fashion.

Bono is using the celebrity status and fame God has blessed him with to try and change the plights of many in Africa. Because of his efforts and the efforts of others who have come alongside him in these struggles, lives have been saved, but many have not. And that’s what drives Bono to keep working for change and relief aid—the fact that there are so many people in Africa who still are not being reached. These aren’t just people in picture books to him, and this speech isn’t just words on a page to him—and they shouldn’t be for us either.

Beyond our faiths being whatever they are, Bono reminds his audience—and you, the reader—that we all have a responsibility as human beings to reach out and help the rest of the world, be it in Africa or somewhere else. The world is dying and we’re given a chance—daily—to come to its aid. The question is: will we?

Bono believes we will, and history will remember if we don’t. 

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