Want to look at the Bible with fresh eyes? Look no further than "Word on the Street" (Zondervan). I absolutely love Rob Lacey’s street lingo version of Scripture. But purists beware! King James English this ain’t! A cancer survivor with a passion for Christ, Lacey takes many liberties; but he doesn’t compromise the core message of the gospel. Unique touches, such as turning the book of Jude into an e-mail, give "Word on the Street" a very “now” feel. Lacey has also been taking the Word to the street on a seven-city performance tour and with an audio CD.

Matt Redman, whose critically acclaimed book "Facedown" (Paraclete) has recently released, is reading "The Royal Way of the Cross" by François Fenelon. Here’s what Matt had to say: “Fenelon is a French theologian from a couple of hundred years ago. I got hooked on Fenelon’s writings ever since I read the line, ‘Make yourself little in the depths of your heart.’ That is fantastic advice for any worship leader (and, in fact, for any Christian). The same theme runs through so much of his stuff: getting over ‘ourselves’ and getting more consumed with Jesus. This book hammers home the point that He must increase, and we must decrease. At times Fenelon gets, perhaps, even a little harsh. (Make sure to read a book on grace soon after!) But, to be honest, a heart like mine needs a ruthless spiritual check-up every now and again, and this book helps get the job done!”

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