"These are human frailties; we all have them, we all sin," Norris said. "But as far I'm concerned, the sin that resulted in my daughter turned out to be a blessing. I can't imagine my life without her and her children, my three grandchildren."

From Kick 'Star' to 'KICKSTART'

These days, children are very important to Norris. After a difficult pregnancy, his wife of six years gave birth to healthy twins – a boy and a girl, now age 3. He also continues to work on his KICKSTART program for middle school students. The proceeds of his book will go to KICKSTART. 

More than 30,000 kids have graduated from the program, currently found in 37 schools. While the focus of the program is on martial arts, it does a lot more for the kids who participate – many who are from the inner city. It builds their self-esteem.

"Many have gone on to college, and one of our kids just graduated from MIT on a scholarship," Norris said proudly.

It's clear he's passionate about the program, almost as much as he is about his faith. By his own acknowledgement, he's grown deeply in his walk with God in the last 10 years. But Norris gets frustrated at the silent majority of Christians who refuse to speak out on issues of faith.

He and Gena have taken a stand to get the Bible back in public schools. They endorse the National Council of Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, which aims to incorporate the Bible as part of elective history and literature classes.

So what's next for the soft-spoken action hero? A two-hour "Walker, Texas Ranger" special is planned, as well as the possibility for a new series tied closely to his KICKSTART program. Members of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, he and Gena hope eventually to get involved in missionary work as their children grow older. And, of course, he remains passionate about the KICKSTART program.

"We're hoping to help millions and millions of kids and show them that they don't have to give up," Norris said. "The odds aren't stacked too highly against them to achieve their dreams. I want them to know that if I can overcome the things in my life, there's no reason why any of them can't do the same thing."

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