Today, we find ourselves in a dark place, yet the light of the truth of the Scriptures continues to shine brightly. All over this country, and indeed around the world, men and women, particularly those of African descent, are falling out of love with the world and the worldliness of popular television-driven Christianity, and falling in love with the biblical, historic faith that was and is found in Reformed theology. As we write this book, we are full of optimism and hope. We are witnessing the rise of a new generation of African-American Christians who see through the fading glory of the empty way of life advocated by the false prosperity gospel, and are seeing more clearly the faith that has once and for all been delivered to the saints—the faith rediscovered during the Reformation and being reenergized in our time. This book is part of our ongoing dedication to this move of God. We believe that God is always reforming his people according to his Spirit by his Word.

It is our sincerest desire to see God move by his Spirit to revive the church in our day according to the old paths of heart-felt and head-intoxicated experiential Christianity. To this end we have written this book, and to this end we do pray that all those who read the thoughts contained here will be moved to preach, promote, and practice a historic, biblical, and experiential Christianity to the glory of God in Christ Jesus and the good of his people called by his name.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Experiencing the Truth

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