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It’s Man Against the Clones in Mynheir’s Void

Man clones human beings. Clones rise up and kill man. (Another) Man must rise up and defeat evil clones. It’s a tale as old as time, right? Or perhaps the second episode in the Star Wars saga? Actually, it’s Mark Mynheir’s third novel, The Void.

Our Year-Long Romance with Jane Austen

It has become the Year of Jane Austen. Movies are hitting theaters (Becoming Jane, The Jane Austen Book Club), books are hitting shelves (Just Jane, A Walk With Jane Austen) and Masterpiece Theatre will run adaptations of all six Austen novels . Yes, she truly is everywhere—which has fans giddy, and everyone asking: Why?

Harry Potter and the Great Relearning

Fearless a Worthy Second Offering in Suspense Series

It’ll definitely be worth the wait to find out how Robin Parrish resolves the threads he leaves hanging at the end of Fearless, book two in The Dominion Triology. One thing’s for sure—it should have a place on any suspense fan’s bookshelf next to Stephen King and Dean Koontz.

Veil of Fire Draws in Reader with Anonymous Character

While most of Veil of Fire is written in third person, Marlo Schalesky, who has authored multiple historical fiction novels, has also written parts from a first person POV. Getting into the mind of this anonymous character (whose character isn’t revealed until the end) is powerful.

Lawhead Turns Familiar Tale on Its Ear in Hood

Take all you know or despise about the numerous renditions of the Prince of Thieves and bury them in a hole. Stephen R. Lawhead is out to make you believe that Robin Hood’s story is one of the greatest tales you’ve never heard.

Wilson Does Not Disappoint with A Shred of Truth

Blending the high-stakes suspense of Dean Koontz with the historical sensibilities and mysteries of Steve Berry, author Eric Wilson raises the bar with his own pulse-pounding pace and style in his very latest—A Shred of Truth.

Christy Awards Announce the 2007 Winners

The eighth annual Christy Awards banquet was held in Atlanta, Georgia, Saturday in advance of the International Christian Retail Show. The Christy Awards honor outstanding accomplishment in Christian fiction in eight categories.

T.L. Hines Makes Mark with Second Supernatural Thriller

In a follow-up to his splendid thriller debut, Waking Lazarus, T.L. Hines hits the ground running with his new supernatural thriller The Dead Whisper On, proving that he’s not the taste of the month, but rather a proven writer who’s here to stay.

Action Moves Fast in The Divine Appointment

The Divine Appointment is Jerome Teel's second novel. Like The Election, it is a fast-paced political thriller, which takes place in several different locales. Sub-headings within the story orient the reader to place, which is a must, considering how fast the action moves.

Fourth in "Mike Connolly Series" Brings Life Full Circle

When we first met Attorney Mike Connolly in Sober Justice, he could barely make it through the day without a drink. He was divorced, estranged from his only daughter and newly born granddaughter, and sharing his bed with an exotic dancer. In Night Rain, his life has come full circle.

Readers Kept Guessing ‘Til the End in Abomination

Abomination is a creepy read that will keep you guessing up until the end. It is a chilling tale of an elusive serial killer that taunts the authorities with his cryptic clues, derived from religious texts.

Innovative Demon Stands Out

Demon: A Memoir may very well be the most creative, mind-twisting novel of this summer. Tosca Lee does what few Christian authors have the guts to do: take a force of evil, a fallen angel, and craft a truly ingenious, clever, almost attractive character.

Unpredictable Plot Leads to Chilling Twist in The Cure

The Cure follows the award-winning River Rising by Athol Dickson. The plot is unpredictable and surprising, even though clues are sprinkled throughout the book. The final twist was chilling and, unfortunately, not unrealistic in today's world.

Fantasy Turns Into Science Fiction in "Atherton"

The characters in "Atherton" live in an "elsewhere" world that could never exist in real life. Author Patrick Carman cleverly takes this preconceived notion readers bring into his story and turns it on its head - so that by the end, you'll realize you're not reading a fantasy at all, but science fiction.

Readers May Feel Cheated With Dekker's "Skin"

Ted Dekker's "Skin" definitely held my attention, but the ending features a gigantic reversal that basically sweeps away all of the rules the preceding pages set up. So when you find out the truth, you may end up feeling a bit cheated.

Alcorn Crafts a Strong Detective Mystery in "Deception"

In his newest mystery, Randy Alcorn parades a host of likely suspects throughout, and the reader will literally be turning every single page until the end to get to the bottom of this engrossing and absorbing mystery.

Finding Clean Reads For Teens

Fractured Father-Son Relationship the Focus in "High Places"

"In High Places" is a wonderful work of literary merit that probes the fractured relationship between father and son after their mother shockingly takes her life while they're away on a climbing trip in West Virginia.

Spanish Civil War Highlighted in "Valley of Betrayal"

In "A Valley of Betrayal," award-winning author Tricia Goyer moves from her familiar World War II novels to a lesser-known war: the Spanish Civil War. With her meticulous research and her writing talent, she brings life to a Spain most people don't know about.

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