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Christian Fiction Books Reviews

Love Story Will Touch Your Heart

Beloved singer-songwriter Nichole Nordeman is one of the bravest, most poignant writers of our time, so it comes as no surprise that her first book would be every bit as moving as her music.

Joy Takes Flight An Exciting Finale

Those who know and love Bonnie Leon’s Alaskan Skies stories will be thrilled at what must be a satisfying finale to the series.

Perfectly Ridiculous and Perfectly Fun

In her third and final offering in the Universally Misunderstood Novel series, bestselling author Kristin Billerbeck, maintains chic, relatable prose as she details the life and times of teenager Daisy Crispin.

Swipe is Decent-Enough Dystopian Fiction

Like fashion, literary trends tend to come and go, too. And like the “Hunger Games,” Evan Angler also invites the reader into a scary but fascinating futuristic new world in Swipe.

The Light Between Oceans a Breathtaking Breakthrough

The year: 1926. The place: a tiny island off the coast of Australia. Isabel, mourning over the grave of yet another unborn child, hears the impossible: a baby's cry.

Enemies Can Point Us to Christ

Reading Greg Mitchell, it’s easy to imagine him telling stories around a campfire, by a lake, with the sky an inky black, and flames crackling in animated suspense.

Liberator A Big Finale

There’s something about dragons, isn’t there? As both a captivating mythical entity and a literary symbol, the fire-breathing creatures have been front and center in literature for years.

Peek Behind the Curtain in Director's Cut

The Director’s Cut offers a peek inside a television show that proves to be a romantic comedy both on and off the screen.

Bees Buzzes in New York's Gilded Age

The first of the “Gilded Age” series, Bees in the Butterfly Garden should appeal to mystery and historical romance readers alike.

Don't Hide from This Military Thriller

Now a pastor, co-author Jeff Struecker’s prior experience as an Army Major makes this fast-paced military thriller come to life.

Mortal Continues Dekker and Lee’s Trilogy

As Forbidden’s follow-up, Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee’s Mortal expands the mythology and ups the action for an equally memorable read.

Romance Looks Different in Glamorous Illusions

Glamorous Illusions is definitely a cut above the average historical romance. And the best news? It’s the first of a series.

Next Target Aims at Christianity and Islam

In The Next Target, Nikki Arana is to be commended for covering relations between Christianity and Islam in America.

Platt’s Devilish Satire Makes You Think

If Richard Platt’s As One Devil to Another is any indication, the stronger our faith, the harder Satan’s minions must work.

Reckless Heart Reveals Struggle and Success

Amy Clipston weaves a young woman’s story of struggle and ultimate success while also educating the reader about Amish living.

Some Bumps in the Night in Saunders Creek

In a day when ghost hunters and psychics are all the rage on TV, it’s nice to read a book that deals with spiritual oppression from a biblical perspective.

Secrets Weigh Heavily in Code of Silence

Code of Silence is less Crime and Punishment for teens as it is a compelling psychological study of the weight of secrets.

Special Delivery Ultimately Brings Hope

Just as Dickens addressed social justice issues in novel form, Kathi Macias tackles sex trafficking in Special Delivery.

Love and Espionage Found in The Discovery

The combination of love and espionage makes The Discovery a rare find: a novel with appeal for male and female readers alike.

More to Justice Than You'll Bargain For

Randy Singer’s superbly researched plot charges out of the gate on Page One, and doesn’t rest until literally the last page.

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