While some of these are just natural events, the negative emotions that come with them are what the Devil loves to cultivate and exploit in a believer. Every excuse to discourage me, Satan took. He doesn't play fair and is the king of low blows. He waits to kick men in the teeth when they're down. Magnifying emotions to create insecurities, heighten fears, and defeat us without a bullet being shot are the things Satan is best at. He must rely on playing mind games—a sign of insecurity and no real power. Nonetheless, he's allowed to mess with us.

He is doing the same thing with you right now. Repeatedly my message to Satan was, "I know who you are and what you intend to do." A little preemptive retaliation is consistent warfare doctrine among sovereigns who feel that the security of their networks or borders is about to be compromised in some way. These shots across the bow were intended to say, "Do you really want this? You might want to reconsider." Throughout this time God's Spirit has said, "Reconsider this!" like we read in the fourth chapter of Luke's Gospel when Jesus quit listening and started rebuking evil suggestions and ploys.

Well, my friend, I am still here dialoguing with you on these pages, and Satan still knows where I live. Boo-ya! I wanted you to know a little thunder has been rolling my way, but I expected this. I knew all hell would break loose before, during, and after my decision to focus an entire manuscript on outing the Devil and equipping you to effectively confront and defeat him. I knew the Devil loathes being discovered the way any terrorist would be incensed at the man who blew his cover. I knew that the Great Pimp has a big ego matched only by that noxious chip on his shoulder toward believers. I knew that anyone who actively pulls his masks off to expose his presence is asking for a double helping of ire and indignation.

And yet, many days what kept me going was you. Yes, you—the God's man reading these words. The reason you have this book in your hands is because you have been called by your King for this hour. You are being asked to join the company of other mighty men to be the tip of the spear in the war against evil. Just the word fight resonated with your soul and spirit. You are cognizant of the smell of war in your own life, and you see it in your world. That willingness to fight is being affirmed by God's Spirit. Your training as a disciple is ready to go the next level. Your strong, confident, and fully surrendered presence is going to be needed. Your quickening to the battle is at hand.

I know this feeling well. Writing Fight was unnerving and necessary for me. Reading Fight will be the same for you. The realities and truths you will confront in these pages will both unnerve you and compel a necessary faith response. More bluntly, from this time forward you will need to change the way you address the challenges of life to account for evil and its presence in and around you. In effect, you are being handed a pair of night vision goggles (another topic we'll take on later), and you will see "movement" of evil that was previously hidden. You will feel the apprehension one experiences when he is considering war. Satan wants you to feel the fear.

God will replace that fear with Himself. These are how all rites of passage feel to a surrendered God's man. God's men are filled with spiritual tension because something is actually at stake. There is the tension you feel when your faith and the reality of your responsibility to it collide. Risk dealt with this. Then there is the tension of becoming the man you were created to be versus the man you thought you ought to be. Dream addressed this issue in your life. Then there is the rite of passage most men do not have the stomach to address: facing the reality and tension of dealing directly with evil. Fight will stretch you again and again to see, engage, face, call out, and demolish evil with confidence and skill through Christ. So men wearing spiritual skirts need not apply. Jesus didn't own one, and as His representative possessing His authority, neither should you. "The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's work" (1 John 3:8). Take heart, you have an excellent Mentor.