"And the Lord said, 'Good! That's right were I want you,'" she says, adding that she believes God wants her to depend completely and totally on Him to redeem her time and allow her to write.

But Kay, the wife of a recently retired Air Force fighter pilot, sees her calling to write as something she is just supposed to do. "I really spent a lot of time in prayer and before the Lord [while writing the books], and what He said to me in my heart and through my quiet time was, 'The days are evil and the time is short,'" she says.

That's why she believes God is calling out people from all walks of life who are obedient. "He is calling out home-schooling moms, He's calling out scientists, He's calling out plumbers ... to do a specific work that He has preordained for them for such a time as this," Kay says. "And He's got a plan and purpose for all of us."

She explains that as she wrote "four, 200-page, fully-researched, non-fiction" books in one year (2002), her prayer always was, "Lord, anoint my pen – and redeem the time." The Lord, she says, never failed her.

"Every time I've sat down to write – don't get me wrong, it's been plenty of hard work – the Lord has brought me exactly what I need," she testifies. "A bit of research there, a bit there, a phone call there,
statistics and true-life examples. He just brings me all these things that I need. And He truly does anoint my hands and my fingers – and He redeems the time, because the days are evil and time is short."

God's Timing

Kay says she has learned to trust God's timing. The military wife shares the story of her book, "Heroes at Home," which she describes as a "book of hope and help for military families."

"That was a book that had been on my heart for a long time, and I wanted it to be my second book," she explains. "But my publisher said there was no market for it and it wouldn't make any money. So we waited for God's timing."

Before continuing, Kay explains that a book typically takes at least six months to write – usually eight or nine – and anywhere from 18 to 24 months after a contract is signed for it to be on bookshelves. Such was not the case for "Heroes at Home," a best-seller that was a finalist for the 2003 Gold Medallion.

"Because God anointed the pen and redeemed the time, ['Heroes at Home'] was written in 30 days," she says. "It went from contract to shelf in six months – and it was where it needed to be when the war [in Iraq] broke out." The book that took 30 days to write, she says, "has been all over the place because God had a purpose and plan for it. It shows that the 'God factor' is really strong."