My experiences with illness challenge me in my relationship with God. The illness makes me feel what it’s like to hunger and ache and not be able to find relief in anything but God. Will I still wait on God? Will I trust God in the discomfort?

As I listen for God in the midst of silence and hardship, I must decide whether I’m willing to give up listening for what I want to hear and begin listening to what God is actually saying. This decision applies not only to healing, but to all of the issues I lay before God. As with Elijah on the mountainside, God doesn’t answer my concerns directly but reveals something else. I’ve sought God on issues of dealing with a difficult person, only to find my own sour attitude spotlighted. I’ve asked for clarity on the future, only to discover God’s in the process of strengthening my faith.

I’ve begged for an escape from a heated situation, only to discover that God planted me in a greenhouse of growth.

Asking God to speak means we must come to him on his terms, not our own. Too often we look for God in the earthquakes and windstorms when God has been whispering into our lives all along. We’d do well to quit waiting for lightning to strike and instead start looking for God now. When we start recognizing and feasting on God’s words in the everyday, life will become grander.

As we set out on this journey together, I pray for you what my mother prayed for me as child:

I ask that you would experience the voice and presence of God. I ask that God give you eyes to see the ways in which he is moving in your life, ears to hear his voice, and a heart that beats passionately after the Divine. I pray you will answer the invitation to know God, recognize his voice, and become an example of what it looks like to live with reckless abandon for Christ.


Hungry for God
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